Evil Little Goats: Open to all levels!

Evil Little Goats is looking for daily players of all levels who are looking for a great game/life balance. We are a new alliance started by three in-game friends, who wanted to create a fun, supportive environment for like-minded players who want to grow and develop their gameplay.

Here’s what we’re about…

Titans: This my favorite part of the game, so we definitely want to keep it fun! Our goal is to find the titan level that challenges us, but doesn’t deplete our resources.

We ask that all team members try for at least 3 flags per titan, but we also know sometimes life gets in the way and it’s not possible. To be both fair to the team and respect life outside the game, you will be asked to leave if you miss 2 titans in a row without notifying Leadership you will be absent.

Wars: Wars are optional, but you must use all flags if opted in. If you choose to opt- in, please have enough leveled heroes to be able to utilize all 6 flags. Our wars are free-for-all, but we do leave cleanups for junior team members. To respect everyone’s current roster levels we are utilizing best defense, but may coordinate matching tanks as voted on by the team as we continue to grow.

As 100% flag utilization is essential to filling the war chest, missed flags will result in probation with additional misses resulting in separation from the team.

Line: group chat is suggested, but not required. We are currently working on building a great resource library!

If we sound like a great fit for you, stop by and check us out! If you have any questions, post here or send a quick message to Line ID: mellysuzanne

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2-0 in wars! Come help us reach 3 in a row!

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Sounds like a fun alliance. If I thought I could talk you into joining us in Hogwarts Castle I would. Sounds like we have some similar ideas about play-life balance.

Best of luck to you.

Line: TahoWF