Evil clerics

I have a ■■■■ ton of cleric emblems and one extra set of tabards. So it’s either going to grimble or malicna. Grimble, niche and ultility against minions. While malicna has been getting better lately, mana gen elemental link is great overall. I wouldn’t mind either but I’m also torn to choose between the two of them. help me decide please.

Would do grimble without hesitation. Yes minion killing is a little bit niche, but it seems minions are here to stay at least for a while, and even without minion heroes there are still minion wars, and druids, so even if the meta changes drastically he probably won’t become obsolete.

Minion removal+damage is just huge, you would most of the time need at least 2 other Aoe heroes for the same damage (one killing or weakening the minions and the other one doing damage)

And malincas element link may be great, and in some circumstances more useful, but grimble also gives mana and that without delay and to all heroes, not just dark.
With malinca you have to wait for 4 turns to get the equivalent of 2 stones from her link and only for dark heroes.
Grimble if he removes one layer of minions (5) will instantly give mana equal to 4 stones to all heroes.

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No surprise here, I am a fan of Malicna. I find her a lot of fun. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

What maxed purples do you have?

Freya, killhare, Clarissa, kunchen, mok arr and myztero

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I was at that crossroad a few months back. I had both of them at 3/70, but ended ascending Malicna first and get her to +7. She is very good, somehow negating the mana lost due to the death of either Bera or Freya. After maxing her, I ascended Grimble. Even if the goat was not yet maxed, I have him accompany me during raids, replacing Malicna (did use both and the mana generation seemed excessive and is a waste since mana generation can’t be overcharged like how the ninjas do). If Malicna is very good, Grimble is SOOOO VEERRRYYYYY GOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDD. He is sturdy already even if not maxed, much less emblemed. All you need from him is his mana generating capability whenever the enemy heroes have minions. Supported by a level 25 mana troop so that he charges in 9 favorable tiles (you need only level 23), when he casts his skills against the enemy with minions and you can watch your Alfrike (if you have her) charge her mana even before your turn ends, literally making your very slow Alfrike (or any other very slow hero) charge her mana in 9 tiles, enabling you to use her skills against the enemy. Even if the defending enemy has Krampus, as long long as you have heroes able to dispel the taunt (Kageburado, Sabina and her costume, Domitia, Seshat, Ametrine, etc.), the goat goes to work and gives his allies mana.

I am presently inclined not to emblem Grimble, currently at 4/65, as he is very very sturdy at that level already (800 defense and 1384 HP stats). No amount of talent or emblems can his damaging offensive skill make it worthwhile. But maybe to +7 for him to be sturdier, just an insurance. Other cleric emblems may go to Malicna. But really, I don’t see him really needing emblems.

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@Homaclese has both Grimble and Malicna maxed IIRC.

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