Everything lost

What just happened , I was in the middle of the last level class quest and everything just shut Down .Now I must wait for 20 flags to start again. How and why??

Weak connection is the main culprit.

Even if you’re in a good signal area or next to a router, there’s occasionally blips in the service.

Or a software crash. Again, rare but not unheard of.


Everything shut down? Could it be your phone? Or is it just the game which is shutted down?

This happened to me recently too. The game shut down in the mid of a quest and the flags are lost. I switch off my phone and restart again and it is okay

I had the same problem for couple weeks ago.
I was locked out of the game while fighting the Titan , I lost that flag :blush:

@yelnats_24 just the game shut Down not my mobile😕

Maybe ur phone memory problem, close all programs except EP.

Sometimes it happened to me too and it is annoying

@mogulemon as jeg mentioned before it wasnt my phone, when I went back to the game again it was without problem .
It was the game server closed Down
Thanks for your answer though

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