Everything got harder over the last weeks yet teams are getting stronger- bad boards, no loot- why?


Tyler it doesn’t add up. First of all I do not consider 14K a good score. Secondly- even if you got a generous six hits on the titan at a generous 15K- that is 90K.
The 9* titans we fight are 2600000-2750000. That would mean you need pretty much everybody in your alliance to score your 90K that gave you 2nd place, which is pretty unlikely…
But you said you take them down ahead of time, so 6 hits are unlikely etc…


I didn’t score 90k and get second place. I scored a lot more than that. I believe my original comment was about using 3 stars with bad boards and still fairing well, my 14k score may be subpar by your standards but when using 3 stars and dealing with bad boards it’s not bad, especially when you claimed it was impossible. You also said they one shot your max 5 stars. If I were you I would turn in a support ticket.

Yeah, btw I got 3 blue tile matches that round, the board ended as bas as it started and was worse in between. Lemonade good buddy.


B ratings seem to give the best items, but even that now is 1-2* garbage. The game was definitely tightened and the entire alliance feels it. We actually keep track by saving screenshots into a folder and it is literally nothing but 1-2* items for everyone, every day. Our titans go up to 8*.


Sorry, math still does not add up. If 14k is a high score than unless you used flags your score could not have been above 90k.go and wind up somebody else up.
And it just so happened that you showed it on a weaker Titan. Not the ones you claim it works on.
Perhaps get to a higher level. Than you will see that you don’t even get enough ingredients to produce minor green potions and we will see.
Anyway- we moved on to 10-11* dispite all issues.