Everything got harder over the last weeks yet teams are getting stronger- bad boards, no loot- why?

no, I do not.

with our boards, a three star would not last past first hit. I have 4 stars going down with one at the moment and occasionally a 5 star dying in 1

Against a 10 or 12 star Titan? I’ve been taking 3s to 9 star and with turtle banners, axes and pots they last fine.

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If u can post a vid of this, id love to see it. I am not saying nor implying you are being untruthful, i sincerely would love to see you survive and score well with 3* heroes on a 9* titan. It might change my approach lol. If u can post a video, please do. Than you!


Yes, some titans seems to get a buff on defence, but only sometimes.
My personal impression is that a same titan with same stars can come with different defence.
Not checked if the titan with more defence come with less Hp, but the difference is really notable on some titans, like Onyx or Gorgon.

If you see one of this, maybe is not convenient flask on it and just let it go.

I guess no reply to this is all we needed.

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Elpis, it’s been titans across the board since the update.

And i really do not think tiles are random. They really aren’t.

Bad luck? Maybe, but from so many players? And it is not players being biased.


i think as an alliance we will stop spending altogether until we see some changes.

After all, perhaps the lack of money from us might have a greater impact than moaning.

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You’ll have to wait until our next titan appears, which will be about 6 hours.

i guess, we will see it in 6 hours then

Probably tomorrow sometime. 6 hours will be 3am.

The current titan for my alliance is a 10* blue and it looks like we are on track to kill it with 11 or 10 hours left on the timer. I’ve also just achieved breaking my personal record with a 60k+ hit. So…my mileage may differ from yours.


I can’t record a dead Titan. If I’m still awake when it respawns I got you.



As promised, only an 8 star but they all lasted right to the end, never even was a close call. Only did 14k but as you see board wasn’t very monochrome friendly.

I recorded but can’t post it so here are screenshots.

If you want good score on Titans and don’t have great heroes you’re going to need to stun them often and use items.


Small Giant officially stated it is random, and i don’t really see a reason to make it otherwise.
For what? Make people angry both for summons and boards?
Naaaah, i don’t think so.

But i do think titans getting stronger on some point in time, and this affect much more a bad board, don’t let you work on it without beeing annihilated first.

And i do see some points to make titans stronger.
More challenge, new heroes stronger everytime and AW matchmaking (since titan points affect the pairing)

I personally have some incredible good boards these days (with Wu missing few tiles) and i really usually do extreme color stacking.

Try to track good and bad boards on titans and you will see pretty much a 50-50 situation.


Random is random is random.
You will know when you are on a bad streak.

Last week had great board averaging 50k on purple 8* with total exceeding 400k.

Today bad board with average of 18k with 2 hits below 10k on green 8*. I’m especially bad on green titans BTW.

We are fighting 12* Titans and had difficulties to bring them down without flasks. So we went back to the beginning, started sharing videos in our line group, optimized team and item use and the last titan (not purple) we got down within 10h, 80% of players having 100k and above.

As we use only small items on normal titans the board dependency is really high. I had one hit 72k, 69k and three for around 20k. But this I consider completely normal.

We are doing all that.
And I know you will get some good hits some bad, but when your average goes from 25k the 12 you have to wonder, especially if you are fighting the same titans with same set up.
Using only small potions- if I can get the bones to build them, because the ingredients have become super rare. You basically get what you don’t need.
Same as when you raid- it is meant to be random but isn’t. If you pick an opponent who is high in cups for his/her strength you are more likely to win… It is designed to keep people at certain levels- so not random at all. It’s the very definition of manipulation.
I need to look into this more. This is not an RPG game as advertised but a lottery. Lotteries are regulated and monitored- empire is not.
I will see how the next weeks go and will collect more data, but essentially we are all gambling.


Ok, so

  1. 8* are very different from 9*- so this does not prove anything.
  2. There are video apps. The reason people want videos is because pictures can be altered easily
  3. When we were fighting 7-8 titans we would still find ingredients to make potions and items. They are super rare and I am lucky if I can find bones for mini mana potions. I can’t use what I don’t have.

In summary- you have not proven anything.

I recorded it with a video app, recordmaster, that’s where the screenshots came from, see the watermark?This site won’t let me upload it as it is the wrong file type and if we spawned a 9 star I would do it again just to prove to you it can be done. I can post my profile, roster, etc… I have no reason to lie, I’m trying to help you. It seems like some people would rather complain and act like they are the final authority than learn and get better. Anyways it’s not hard, definitely doable, I did it on a 9* red rare and had 2nd place.

You have a good one though.


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