Everything got harder over the last weeks yet teams are getting stronger- bad boards, no loot- why?


We have been tracking average titan scores over weeks and what we have noticed is that even though team members are getting stronger, individual average scores per titan are decreasing. In some cases they are halved, so somebody who did 20-25K damage per hit on titan now does 10-13.
We have this data by colour and it is across the board (and for the same titans).
Pair that with crap boards overall (during raids etc) and the complete lack of ascension items and ingredients and we are all wondering why we bother.

Any other players or alliances experiencing the same?
It feels like the developers want us to stop playing (which in fairness some players already have stopped playing).


I can’t confirm your observation taking our alliance as an example. For the past 4 months we deal with 7* and 8* titans and we can see the progress of our alliance: Number of killed 8* is now higher than two months ago.

So, perhaps, you are in a period of bad luck.

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Which titan levels are you fighting? I’ve noticed nothing like it in the 9-10 range. Other than that they tend to 1-shot 4*'s more frequently if I’m sloppy with axes/bombs :slight_smile: .

we are fighting 9-10* titans. It is across the board with 90% of our players, so it feels less like a coincidence. Especially since it started after an update.
it feels like the boards are not random at all, even in raids, but set up for us to fail.
Now fighting a Gorgon queen 9* which are never nice, but when your 5* heroes die from 1 hit you have to wonder…


And we do track data for everybody and it is across the board. Only thing going better is wars, but no doubt this will change.

Nothing different here in 11-12* range. Some highs, some lows, averages seems the same. Then again, I don’t track it. But my maxed 4* and 5* heroes don’t get one-shot as long as I am properly using battle items. Could it be that you are fighting significantly harder Titans and not properly prepared? They can be stronger even within the same number of stars.

Raids are only getting more fun as my bench is growing but overall the same win/loss percentage. Boards are definitely random.

:thinking: maybe you offended someone in SG? :scream: or you’re cursed.

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I have had my best hit ever last night on not a great Titan color for me historically. I took @Jedon advice and tried a tornado on a horrible board and I rocked it.


No. fighting same titans and have been for a while, which is why it is so weird.

Nothing we do has changed. It was not uncommon to get a 60k+ hit every now and then. But mostly we are between the 20-25k average hit, until recently where it drops by half.

We can’t figure it out!

And yes, we are using tools. As an example- Gormek dropped from full health to 156 despite turtle banner and he is a 1400+ health…

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I started tracking our Titans, Wars, etc at the start of August; taking down 6s and nearing the 7s.

In the month of the update (15.0) we started taking down the 7*s. Naturally, we struggled a bit and started to “even” out.

After the update we all noticed the Titans were stronger and the boards less “user-friendly”. Trying to take down an 8* was not an option.

So far, this month, we are finding it easier with 7s and have just started taking down 8s alot easier than before.

From what I’ve noticed is that when we know an update is due to be rolled-out we eagerly anticipate it, so perhaps (subconsciously) we notice a difference in RNG with boards, strength of Titans/Raid Teams, etc. A similar thing happens when we colour stack - the color that is omitted is more noticeable on the board because we are subconsciously aware that we don’t have that color hero.

Of course, I’m no Psychologist so I’m probably way out left-field on this one :crazy_face:.

However, I go back to this month for our Alliance, in that we are now taking down 8*s (yes, I also take into acvount that we are all getting stronger) …a month after the update…coincidence? Or have we enetered the Twilight Zone (cue music here :wink:).


Nice!!! I use them as often as I can (or when the ingredients allow). They do make a huge difference. Timestops are also helpful.

I don’t think it’s psychological. Basically if you stack, the board stacks against you for sure. I mean, I had fights where i only got 1 match of the gems I needed.
There is a new update today so let’s see if it helps, but it really seems odd.
In the end we still kill them but it takes so much longer and it feels like we are getting trashed.
The greatest change is after they readjusted the 5* power. It was not supposed to change anything but it sure feels like it did…
Then there are some heroes who suddenly die off much quicker like Richard for example. Suddenly he drops like a fly!


I’m leveling my 2nd TC20 right now I’m at 16 so in another week I will level my forge for Tornados, I have a ton of 3 and 4 star crafting mats and decent level mines. I’m ready and actually use a lot less items with a single tornado per bad board. I have completely reversed my opinion on them.

My forge is already 14 so it won’t take long.


I hear ya…also seeing that more people have noticed after update is more than a coincidence :slightly_smiling_face:

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My bad boards weren’t absent the right color tiles this time, they were just too spread out to match. That’s where the tornado saves the board.


yes, but you have to have the tiles to begin with…

not to mention that getting ingredients for tornadoes is ridiculous…

and looking at the loot from upcoming halloween event- only two ascension items- trap tools and royal tabard…
but of course I am sure there will be plenty to buy!


Why does everyone get upset when they only gives us 2 extremely rare Ascension materials for spending world flags that would normally go towards auto farming 8-7 to level heroes we can’t ascend because we need those rare materials? Wait a minute…


would be nice to see a developer comment on all this!

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and the other thing I noticed is the time it takes to charge up your heroes… it’s not consistent and has lengthened.
It just varies from raid to raid or titan to titan…

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They have said the boards are random, they are. I have taken 3 star heroes on 9 star Titans who survived to the end of the timer in the last week so they haven’t gotten stronger offensively and I’m hitting harder than ever so defense has not increased either.

@NPNKY do you have the link to the random boards thread with the Dev response?


Petri answers the question directly in post #36


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