Everyone Welcome at Dynasty of Warriors!

Hi there !

Dynasty of Warriors is a laid back Alliance that consists out of 9 active players, without any pressure from the top. If you want a break from competitive playing and just want to play in a relaxed fashion, at your own pass, join us or at least check us out !

Play at your own rhythm

See you there ^^


Hi Matt,

We are DahrkRider looking to merge or find new members. Come check us out and have a chat with our leader, we are cool, laidback alliance who play for fun on our freetime


Hi Scubadiverx,

Thank you for your offer !
Since I’ve written this(28d ago), we have merged with another alliance and are now with 13( to 14, one new) players.

I have proposed once to join another alliance but my friends and members refused. They love this laidback thing we have going at the moment. We’re all active, titans 6*-7* and we win quite a lot of wars. But many of them come from alliances that made them put certain tanks or use all flags.

They still use most flags because we’re a team, when they can, but not because they have to. I will never ask them to. But because they want to. Such is the beauty of our Alliance.

You guys are welcome to join us and I’m willing to grant your leader Co-leadership but we wil not give up what we have :slight_smile: .

Cheers mate !

Thanks for the message.
We are pretty much like minds here at our Alliance.
I’m asking our leader and members on what their thought of merging.


Looking forward to your message, especially with the new event coming in New Clash of Knights Heroes ( :test_tube: Early Information on New “Clash of Knights” Alliance Quest [Part of The Beta Beat V42] - Gameplay Help & Tactics - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum (smallgiantgames.com)):

“Only those will able to play this quest who are in an alliance before the event starts.
The Epic and Legendary tiers are locked at the start of the event.
Epic tier is unlocked when your alliance reaches 2.5 million points in total.
Legendary tier is unlocked when your alliance reaches 10 million points in total.”

Good morning,

About 40 days ago we (Anti-Heroes) merged with Dynasty of Warriors and it was a great decision. All the folks over here are friendly and the level of participation is high without any crazy pressure. I would highly recommend your alliance merging with us.

Also, if some of your members are unsure you could do what we did. We had one person join Dynasty of Warriors for 1 full war cycle (about 3 days) and then come back and report whether they thought but Dynasty of Warriors would be a good fit for us.

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Thank you very much for the info. I did ask my members earlier. May be I’ll ask them again.

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