Everyone Welcome at Dynasty of Warriors

Hi there !

Dynasty of Warriors is an Alliance that consists out of 8 active players, without any pressure from the top. If you want a break from competitive playing and just want to play in a relaxed fashion, join us or at least check us out !

Play at your own rhythm

See you there ^^


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Hi Matt,
We are looking for a potential merger with an Active Alliance that has a close-knit group of 10-15 members like us (Truth & Courage).

We are an active, easy-going bunch and we want an similar minded like yourselves to join our Alliance and have fun owning Titans & Wars together.

We have 2 very simple & easy rules.

  1. Hit the Titan if you’re online
  2. If you Opt-in the War, make sure to use all your flags. If inactive for a while, no worries … you can opt-out and come back in once active again.

We don’t use Line, Whatsapp, etc. We communicate regularly in the Alliance chat and have fun! Looking forward to your reply.

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Hi Snip3rstrik3,

I have forwarded your message to my alliance. I’ll get back to you as soon as everyone had his or her say.

Thanks for the offer!

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Hi Snip3rstrik3,

I had time to discuss your proposal with all members of the alliance.
They democratically decided to politely decline your kind offer.

We’re too relaxed, I think, for your alliance. Most members are not so keen for moving. They’re active alright but like to do things their way.

Thanks again for your offer and best of luck in the game !

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Hi Matt,

No worries, I completely understand. Wish you and your team all the very best!

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Hi, are you still looking for members as my friend and I are looking to move from our two person alliance.

We play daily but as f2p aren’t looking to be massively competitive.

Hi Metkojak !

You and your friend are most welcome.

We’re all quite active, but if you miss flags we wont be on your a s s :wink:

Our leader comes from a competitive alliance but she had enough of it.
Bull and me also come from (an otherwise) dead two person alliance, looking for some more interactive gaming, more fun wars and better titans.

The others joined our cozy and relaxed alliance afterwards.
Most are f2p so please be welcome ^^

Excellent, thanks.

We are going to kill our Titan first so will join later tonight/tomorrow.

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