Everyone can score 5% in Mythic titan event or any tournament with this idea

Ok, I admit it to all, bad choice of words on my part. Sorry everyone.

Instead: “Not many people are willing to put up with such a big effort to help the community”. Which is reasonable.

Of course I knew this idea will never be able to come to fruition in the first place since it requires a very large group of people working together. Which never happens for any reason.

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I think you have this backwards. You are annoyed that the community won’t willingly help YOU. Part of the attraction of this game to me is the slow slog. If I had used shortcuts like this I would have stopped playing 2+ years ago (and probably been fired for wasting so much time at work).

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Hm, no. I manage with 5-10% in tournaments as well as vs the mythic titan. So not for personal gain. Rather I remember where I was several months ago in the game when I could really benefit from 3* mats and more EHT/ETTs. As I imagine many beginner players are constantly in need of those. So it was that part of the community I was trying to help the most. Although the idea would actually benefit everyone in the long run. Provided, of course, SG don’t change the rules or prizes.

You mean in the short run. In the long run it only speeds up what would happen eventually anyway. Like spending vs not spending.

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I don’t think @Saros really thought for a second this stands the slightest chance of coming true… I guess he posted his idea as purely theorethical, and it was an excelent and new idea, at least I never read anything alike here on the forum. It was a fun thread, I enjoyed it a lot, no need to get all serious about it.

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The main problem I see with this is that of the players that are heavily invested in the game (in terms time and/or money) a majority are likely to be in the top 5 (maybe 10%) of these tournaments/titans anyway. Therefore see little benefit for a lot of extra work.

The more casual players are very unlikely to be interested in investing more effort into 19 ALTs, when they don’t spend that time on their main.

Therefore the number of players for whom this is a viable option is tiny, meaning it is pointless, as you need a certain critical mass buying in to the idea to make the thing feasible.


Getting told I as a member of the community am not willing to help and support other players because I don’t wholly endorse his idea is not exactly my idea of fun.

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Hey, don’t worry about it, it’s just chit-chat, you know? Chances are you’re on different continents (different planets perhaps :wink:), I wouldn’t worry about some hasty words. People often don’t really mean what they say, words are like wather, always go away.

Some of us are not as saintly as others. I’ll take any shortcut I can to get more mats. I’ve got several 5* that I need mats for now, and I am anxious to get them… though not to score top 5% in tournaments, which I already do now. But I don’t see this as a shortcut. I can’t imagine how doing this is easy.
I also don’t care about using a game technique to help the "community ". Not that that’s a bad idea for some. Being polite to others is about the extent of my “helpfulness”.
This is a game. Most players don’t treat it as anything else. Banding together for any reason is just not on their radar. But I may be missing something about your system. I like seeing new ideas on this forum. If you’ve a way to get mats more easily, and I just don’t understand it, then I wish you good luck on your endeavor.

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