Everyone can score 5% in Mythic titan event or any tournament with this idea

It’s quite simple, really. Pure math.

Level 14 is all that requires for an account to get enlisted in a tournament.
Level 10 is all that is required for the Mythic titan event to be unlocked to an account.

Everyone can register 20 total accounts for each of these events - 19 alts which barely made it to level 14, and one primary main account that will actually compete.
Since the alternate accounts will never actually compete, they will get the lower places.
Which leaves the top 5% for…everyone’s main account.
No need to have money-chased heroes or to waste valuable items, well except if one wants to get into top 1% of course.


2 points:

  1. This seems like a helluva lot more effort than actually trying to do well?
  1. Why? Where is the fun/challenge then?

It still leaves plenty of challenge for all who want that because you have to secure top 1%.

Also it’s fun for you, who have it all, but many players struggle with even 3* unfarmable mats, and the mythic titan or a tournament’s top 5% will produce such a mat with high chance of success. Moreover, the chances of getting 4* unfarmable mats increase drastically for each and every participant that way.

Edit: I can’t see this idea ever happening because people can’t be unified for a cause, even if it is for something which is beneficial to all. But the idea works 100%, I can assure you of that.

I would never create 19 alt accounts even if SG gave me all S3 legendary heroes. :laughing:

But still cool idea. :slight_smile:

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The challenge will be less than the current challenge to hit 5%, so not too challenging for a lot of people

I hardly have it all. I tend to play with heroes I have even if they are not widely loved, so rarely have a build up of mats. I have a long, long way to go until Alfrike can get 4 more tabards. Luckily she is beefy enough at 3/70 to be more than servicable. But I did my time just like everyone else… I remember having such a sever shortage of cloaks that I couldn’t level up any of my 4* blues. I got so desperate that I bought one of those 500 gem deals which has a chance or a blue 3* ascension mat. One of my alliance members had 13 cloaks in his inventory and I remember thinking how rich in mats he was…

I can’t see it ever working for reasons described above, but mainly for the logistical effort and complexities. Can you have 20 accounts on one device? Even if you could thinking about the sheer effort of switching through all 20 makes me want to take a nap

Do you really think if SG saw an influx of like 15 million new accounts (which is roughly how much would take for it to work as you outline) that fail the tournament and mythic titan on purpose to exploit the game this way they wouldn’t do anything about it?


It is actually very fast. Enlisting all 20 for a tournament or charging/running from the Mythic titan with all 20 takes approximately half an hour. Speaking from personal experience.


I already hate doing all the grindy map stages and the stuff which requires lots of button presses - looking at you Alchemy Lab.

I can’t think of a more negative quality of life initiative than spending an extra half hour each week doing more button presses


I tried running just one alt and found that to be a tedious chore. Setting up a further 18? Nah, I think I’d rather gouge my eyes out with a spoon.


In the age of old traditional of haggling I’m going to offer you my proposal that I make a total of 0 new Alt accounts.

And it’s nothing to do with making your or anyone else’s lives easier. I just really don’t want to.

Good luck with your exciting quest to try and game the system though.


I can barely find time for one account, nevermind 19 more.

Plus, imagine the excitement of an alliance you and your 19 brain-dead alts are in because they need to be in an alliance to hit the mythic titan. Ok, well actually pretty much a solo alliance I guess.


Would it work? Yes.
Would I do it? Hard pass, I barely hit the MT myself.

Compared to when I started the game requires way too much time on my only account, there’s literally no chance I would ever play an alt.

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By which you mean “your cause”. Because that certainly isn’t my cause.

And most of the so called “elite” you seem to sneer at had the same issues with building teams and getting stuck waiting on 3* mats. We just persevered with it and got through it with hard work. I went to a lot of trouble making a lot of 3* so I could get top 1% in those tournaments. Then as I unlocked the precious 3* mats I was able to ascend 4* and start to compete more in them.

Probably took the whole first year to get that rolling.

I’d rather earn my rewards through honest effort than trying to game it with tonnes off lags that exist for no other reason than giving me an easy option.

But mostly this will never take off because it’s a stupid amount of effort to do.


@Cheds I thought to write you an elaborate post, point by point, but since many would find it almost offensive (especially p2w players) will only say that:

It’s great that I created this topic since it shows me how few people are actually willing to help the community when some action is required on their part.

I think this closes the whole issue.

No thanks. I dont want a participation trophy. I dont have a great roster, but when I do well and get good loot tiers like in the MT just passed I want it to be because I did well.

This would be like playing every game on the snes with the game genie.

Waw! Let’s take this further! Why don’t we build 99 alts each?! We’ll all be top 1% all the time! Imagine all that loot. Imagine the boost this game will know! 100 millions new accounts! Top game of the year! Devs would get mixed feelings about it though… Wet as a baby seal, seeing the game peaking in the hundred million accounts area, and at the same time, mad as rabid dogs, for all that loot flowing through their fingers for the top 1%. Great idea, I’m in, all the way! When do we start?! :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

P.S. Hmmmm… how about those already using alts? Will they have to build 99 alts for every active account they already have? They will if they want a guaranteed top 1% every time… better get to it asap! :wink:

Willing to help? I think a lot of people are generally willing to help within reason (giving advice on this forum, for example).

Registering 19 spare accounts? fine, not too much time and effort… but creating 19 spare accounts AND levelling each to 14? sounds like it takes a while.

I honestly don’t think a lot of us have that much spare time on our hands.

It’s an interesting idea, for sure, but it is asking a lot from everyone to invest that much time in it. And I don’t think it’s fair to say people are unwilling to help if a) they don’t place as much personal value on scoring top 5%; b) they do not find the effort to be worth the rewards,


I think I help out plenty already tbh. I give advice as much as I’m able.

But setting up 20 Alts and levelling them and playing them constantly (after all you have to register them for every tournament to count) well that’s not going to happen.

F2P is a choice you have made. We have 3 F2P in our alliance (currently ranked 300th). They haven’t had it easy and they’ve slogged their guts out to get there. They acknowledge the game is harder for them but that’s where the satisfaction comes from for them. I choose to pay to play, my life is a little easier no doubt but I don’t see it as my responsibility to make your life easier I’m afraid. Maybe that makes me selfish??? Don’t know.

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its also a very simple way to get yourself banned


Not fair, Saros.
I would help the community - and have done - but it has to be on my terms. Otherwise the community has to pay me.

I barely have time to do what’s needed for the alliance, i just can’t put in the time you require.
I’d rather vouch for more rewards on the whole than putting in hours of my life I don’t have for something I can’t make up my mind what category to file it under, cheating or exploiting.