Everyday Slayers is looking for players!

We are now recruiting active experienced players to join our alliance …
Only 400+ trophies needed…
Power is not a must !!!
We are a growing group and we welcome everyone…
Everyone will be considered!!!

Come with us, for fun,laugh and slaughters!!! You won’t be disappointed!!!

Look for us in game, click on our alliance tag and then request to join…it’s easy as that!!!


PM here for info!!!

We are not affiliated to any Seven Days alliance!!!

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Just to be clear, this alliance is NOT affiliated in any ways to the Seven Days Departed family of alliances. They simply chose a very similar name.


Good clarification…!


You’re welcome, dear

Chosen for a reason…

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Im in your alliance but dont no how to find the line chat can you add me please bossman
ID Mynx

@Mynx I’ll post my ids in game chat…see you there

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We are still recruiting for 2 valuable team players that really want to make a difference and grow stronger with a bunch of great people from all over the world…
Join us…you will not be disappointed!!!

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