Everybody Gets Bad Boards


How do you mean “fix problems” Hellborne? There are some pretty standard techniques for maximizing performance on bad boards (for example: clearing useless tiles into a healer early on). And there are some good strategy tips for team selection that make many bad starting boards survivable:

Is that what you were asking about?

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That’s what I’ve been doing soldiering on



I hear “everybody wants to rule the world” when I read this topic also.

okay. time to go throw on some 80’s music and pretend to work as I drown myself in nostalgia.



This is what i call “taking out the trash”. I’m not the master of board management, but what i do know is that moving as many tiles out per move tends to help the attacker. Work high and in the center if possible to unstick boards.



Click a bad gem and hope… :wink:



What is the deal? I have spent alot of time leveling and building [over 8 months]. I have spent a good deal of money buying gems. I keep my team motivated and encouraged to build. But unfortunately it seems the higher I level the worse the tile patterns are. Lining nothing but purple tiles in front of the enemies Dark hero… Red tiles lining up with Fire heros… etc. Even worse having no cominations but 1 possible match on the board during a War. Why is it that when I had lower level heros and barely 6 teams to fight with I was pulling an easy 500 average in wars. Now that I have built Legendary line ups I am lucky to pull 250. Not just once in awhile bur consistently. Is this how you treat your dedicates players and the strategy to draw in new players? Why cant it be the more time and money you invest the more powerful you become. Is that too much to ask for? All this talk and heros that have abilities and matching different elements to take on an enemy witg strategy. Just to loose again and again because the tiles given are complete garbage. SmallGiants there is no good outcome to giving out rediculous tile patterns and expecting us to stay with your game. Hopefully you will take this serious and fix it. There is absolutely no strategy aviable for your tiles at all. And honestly its alot of waisted time on our part " The Players who pay you" to continue to recieve no reward for our efforts and support.



About your war points “problem”, did you change your alliance or more players join your current one?

More players in war = less points/player

Board is RNG I can beat 4000TP team with 2500TP and in next fight my 3800TP have no chance with 3000TP enemy (I don’t like use TP as a team strenght, but it’s easy to saw that). You can won 20 raids in a row in top 100 or loose 30 under 400 cups with only awesome 5*. Many times “bad board” is better than “awesome board” with strong colour diamond at start.

You can hate or love RNG, RNG can hate or love you. If you always will start with good board you will leave the game. Why? Beacuse this will be boring and constantly.



No we still have the same amount of players its just a constant bad board situation. I have been very patient with it but its literally been going on for a month and a half. Right around the time I stared gaining and leveling Legendaries. Personally I feel the startegy to luck ratio os far out of balance. No matter what you learn or how much you level and invest you are beat out by “the luck of the tiles”. Thats getting pointless and really why have a game of “strategy” why trump out with luck. Might as well play candy crush if you are counting constantly on tile patterns. It sucks but this lossing to bad patterns is causing a loss of interest, not winning all the time. But on the flip side I will eventually get tired of it and will save 100.00 a month. So either way right.



Most of us are either running a mix of 4*/5* (that’s what I have), or are running pure 5* teams, and aren’t experiencing abnormally long runs of bad boards.

Are the 5* heroes you’re now using slower mana than the 4* you used to be using? That would make a huge difference, since the number of tiles you’re used to using to get specials online would suddenly be too few.

Also, if you’re swapping in partially-leveled 5* for fully-leveled 4*, you’re likely to find that it’s taking more tiles to kill the tank.

If you can’t ghost, and you’re using up every available tile of your stacked colors, the boards will quickly look pretty nasty.

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Hey thanks for responding,
I get what you are getting at and no its not the mana speeds or the chose attack patterns. Its simply the tile orders and the month and a half of " bad luck ". I have spent a great deal of time researching hero match ups and though I dont know it all I understand the basics enough to know its not my offensive lines causing bad tile arrangements. Its the random generation of tiles being called a puzzle. If it is truly a puzzle then there would at all times be a potential successful outcome to each board given. What part does strategy play if no possible combination is available. And to what advantage? This does not level any palying field, gives no reward to time and money invested and gives to petential for “strategy” no chance. I am suggesting that as the game is named the boards become true puzzles. That require strategy and yea the higher level and most knowledgeable wins. If tgis is not the MO then what is the point in contiuing to invest time and money into a game of chance that presents itself to be a game of strategy?



Can’t complain.
Differs, but often starts bad when stacked.

My best board ever:

Only 5 off color.



My suggestion: start screen-shotting each opening board. Each and every one, not just the ones you don’t like. Now tally up the tiles over, say, 200 consecutive boards. How close donthey come to average?

This has been tried by others, but perhaps you are different. Please refer to Color Stacking Fairness Project.



I get what you are suggesting but I believe the point is that alot of players are feeling the same. I am not talking a law of averages to show a balance of when the boards are a “puzzle” or just a series of bad tiles with no possible win scenarios availible… Yes this is a random generation process that is balanced by good patterns and bad patterns. After I vented I am evaluating the big picture of the term “puzzle”. A puzzle would have a possible pattern choice resulting in a potential win. This simply is not the case or a 2400 team would never be able to win against a 3000 team if both players were equally knowledgeded in strategies. There is no reason to crunch numbers or case scenario screenshots. There are too many variables and the data would never prove true. Simply because the variable is the multitude of players. But that eqaution is also the unarguable point. Too many are saying the same thing. They are loosing to often due to bad tile paterns and in a series that sonetimes is bringing them to frustration. That is all the evidence that is needed. The game is killing itself with tbe " random paterns. Yes multiple paterns and outcomes are fun and challenging. But including no possible win situations and upseting the masses is not a wise option. Especially over foolish pride. The plan to prove the boards are random is not what the Paying customers are asking for. To prove the random patterns a computer has generated while a great deal of player are getting upset. Is to me like standing in a pile of smoking metal and telling the crowd that just watched a plane crash to the ground. That the plane could not have crashed because the statistics of plane crashes are very low and black box data doea not indicate an impact. We as players know what we are seeing. The programmers need to let go of thier pride and listen to the players. (as I can understand designing such a random generation program must have been one hell of an undertaking and hats off to you guys for your work) Because its not a puzzle by the definition of a puzzle and leads to a false impression and disappointment.



Ah—so you’re thinking that “curated boards” would be more interesting? That is, a board that’s been tested and found to have a “solution” like any good puzzle?

You assert thar it is the “programmers’ pride” that stands in the way of this solution, but I think you underestimate the challenges.

First, they need millions of boards. Who is going to play-test the tens or hundreds of millions of boards they’ll need to examine?

Second, many (most?) “bad” boards are bad for the heroes selected. Should there be special boards you get when you purple-stack to make sure you’ve got plenty of purple? Hmm. How about changing heroes after you see the opening board? Hmm.

I’ve had the pleasure of watching some masterful players manipulate the board, and they have a knack for turning bad boards into good ones. @anchor is pretty good at this—watch his most recent YouTube video, in which he walks through some principles for board tactics.



Thanks for the tip :+1::slight_smile:



Here’s the link to Anchor’s video:

@Wharflord also walks through some board tips here:

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You do realize you’re playing against the computer, right? There’s no other person on the other side of the board from you. The strategies therefore are very asymmetric between offense and defense…



Yes and I apologize for getting upset over the matter. I guess the frustration is really over the amount of money and time I have invested. The constent demand training new members in our alliance coupled with a huge run of bad luck. Ecouraging my team to build and be patient and all they see is my low scoring in wars and Titans. I was pulling 500s and getting an avaerage of 20k per hit on Titans. It seemed the further I leveles the worse my scoring had become. They look to me and the other leader and the expectation is to show success. It is what it is and I suppose luck is always a factor. I really did not think through the logistics of creating a different board formats. Again sorry for getting upset and thanks for all your hard work. Yes nothing is perfect but it’s a great experience overall.



I totally hear your frustration. That would drive me nuts too. I don’t think there’s anyone who’s played the game for a while who hasn’t wanted to throw their phone every now and then because of the RNG.

Adding in that you’re trying to set an example for others is just going to make it 100x more maddeing. I hope things start feeling more balanced for you soon.

One note though: we’re basically all players here, just like you. Kerridoc is a moderator, but he and the other mods are actually volunteers. Small Giant staff definitely read the forums pretty thoroughly, but they mostly respond to things like bug reports.

If you have an idea that you want to bring to SG’s attention, the #ideas-feature-requests section is a great way to do that, and to get feedback and suggestions from other players (some of it will be helpful, some of it…less helpful).

I’d encourage you to at least take a look over there and see if there’s anything you think is worth voting for. SG really has implemented several of the suggestions.

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Thank greatly appreciated.