Everybody Gets Bad Boards


How do you mean “fix problems” Hellborne? There are some pretty standard techniques for maximizing performance on bad boards (for example: clearing useless tiles into a healer early on). And there are some good strategy tips for team selection that make many bad starting boards survivable:

Is that what you were asking about?


That’s what I’ve been doing soldiering on


I hear “everybody wants to rule the world” when I read this topic also.

okay. time to go throw on some 80’s music and pretend to work as I drown myself in nostalgia.


This is what i call “taking out the trash”. I’m not the master of board management, but what i do know is that moving as many tiles out per move tends to help the attacker. Work high and in the center if possible to unstick boards.


Click a bad gem and hope… :wink: