Everybody Gets Bad Boards


I’ll refer you here for my reasoning. It was certainly a sloppy choice on my part. But 95% of the time it would have worked just fine.


But when I bring an all purple team against Guin and I have board after board with 1 or 2 purple tiles on it, that makes me want to throw my phone at the wall and then stomp on it a few times…Despite the fact it isn’t my phone that’s giving me those bad boards…LOL


RNG hate me in wars


i like 221 so 2 against tank is ok for me :slight_smile:


You’re team selection methodology is even worse than mine :laughing:

Yup, when you’re bringing what you have left to a fight in war, and the PRNG delivers you something like that, it’s pretty bad. It’s even worse here, because all those purples are just taunting you.


Tough board mate, but why bring a knife to a gun fight? A blue team against Guin? It would have made more sense if GM was tank. I also enjoy monochrome-ing as much as the next guy, but I usually pick a weak color tank…


It was either that Guin or another Guin hahahaha, in order to make 6 strong attacks I have to stack colors and make mono teams, I had already spent my dark team. I use sometimes monkey teams assaulting and the truth that I have better results, but in wars and not only I say it, it is a generalized feeling that there are always worse tables.


I totally hear you. After my first 4 hits in war, sometimes I end up with some squirrelier team choices than I’d like. If you’d hit a good set of blues, you’d have wiped the board. It wasn’t a crazy choice, just funny to see.

I certainly can’t promise you that the tile engine truly is unbiased. But all the evidence points to the tile engine being genuinely uniformly random. It just hurts worse when you get bad boards in war, because people are counting on you. So they’re really easy to remember. :slight_smile:


We have a rule in 7DF: no mono teams in wars. The variance is just too high.

Time for a big change - STOP Mono Colour
The AI is a bastard

If it’s not a state secret, what’s the preferred mix? 3-1-1? 2-2-1?


Either of those or 3-2. Player’s option.


I’ve been evaluating it, I would like 3-2 but I still do not have enough bank depth. In how many attacks can you double or triple the strong color against the tank?


Personally? In my deepest color, which is red, I can make 2 really strong 3-2 attacks, plus a third 3-2 attack that will reliably take out the tank at least. In my weakest color, yellow, I have one decent 3-2 attack, one mediocre 3-2 attack, and then rags (read as: unleveled 4* and weakly leveled 3*).

The only time I ever really go mono is on my 6th flag (or occasionally 5th flag with tank coordinating enemies), where the heroes I have left may be such bad choices or such bad colors that my only real hope is super strong tile damage. If I’m weak in a color, I’ll usually wait for one of my alliance members who has that color left to take out the opposing tank.


Where do I farm troops?


The question is a bit off-topic for this thread. Here is probably the most useful current-ish thread on that question:

(@Kerridoc, @Rook, @Coppersky, if you get a chance, I’d appreciate a split/merge :slight_smile:)


Well that was very lucky or unlucky…


Youch. Reminds me of my last fight in the war yesterday. Down to a mono-green team, against GM. I did have a few tiles, but not enough to actually get a special off. I was burned.


This was the start…didn’t get much better either


Yikes. Yeah, things are definitely looking grim for the visiting team. That’s going to be a painful match.

So, I shared my rationale for my somewhat unorthodox team selection up above. And I’m really curious about your rationale for this one. Would you be willing to share how you ended up stacking purple against a GM tank?


As strange as it might sound, purple seems to be the strongest color. With a decent board and I’m not talking 7/8’s purples but even 8 -10 purple gems and I can usually control the game. Now granted I lose my share and then I might stack green. Like this particular person. I came right back at them with a green stack and wiped them out easily. I don’t have Kage fully maxed I think he’s at 3/26 right now but I’ve been using him more in Drake’s slot above and he is a beast. So to answer your question, I like seeing what these heroes are capable of. I enjoy watching Anchors content on YouTube and he’ll bring a purple team against anyone. And he usually wins, not always but a good majority of the time when he’s streaming