Everybody Gets Bad Boards

However, what I have noticed in Raid Tournaments is the following: when I lose the opening 4 battles- my defense category is A grade.

The streaky nature of the RNG has been done to death. Small data sets will show wild anomalies but after 1000 iterations you get pretty random…

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I have noticed it too. When I started playing a year and a half ago I would get 13-15 tiles of my color in the starting board. Now I get somewhere between -5 and -10. I don’t know how they have broken the laws of physics but because SGG has made the boards worse day by day it has now come to a point where I have negative tiles in my color. I then need to basically get twice the number of replacement tiles just to charge up my heroes once. They have all become VERY VERY SLOW. THIS HAS TO STOP!!!

Another bad boards thread?
I pass.

I dont mind bad boards during raids. Attacks replenish and I can try again. What I do mind is playing tourney and war were you have limited flags. This was the extent of blue tiles on my first war attack. Taking a hero into battle thats worthless 2yrs later makes me think, wtf am i still playing this game? As I’m closing the game down from being annoyed.

I always log back in after few minutes cause it can only be better right?

Even teams. 3 flags

No combos, finally got a hero charged and sonya is fast.

You attack using rainbow?? I didn’t think anyone actually did that. In both cases you want x3 red x2 yellow.

Even so- pretty horrible boards anyway

Not really sure how you can claim a bad board if you are playing the rainbow?
In this case you have 35 of 35 tiles useable… :roll_eyes:


What the first has a green diamond formation over Telluria- game over

Bad Boards are a design feature- intended to harmonize so that “everyone wins” and every win is balanced by a loss. Bad Boards is just one method the game implements.

However, sometimes you can turn bad boards…

When you “perform well” historically, the tiles available are inverse proportional to your heroes. Hence- go mono- nothing is useable.

But, you can still turn them. Just takes practice.

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This should be a non issue. Has anyone ever complained about bad boards when playing with a rainbow team? Whenever you stack any colour of any amount of heroes you start to gamble, higher risk higher reward. The reward being that you do more tile damage per hit and charge your heroes at the same time. But don’t complain when it doesn’t pay off.
When I want a quick battle I go mono, you either win or lose in no time.
What gives me a better win ratio:
I take 2 strong against the tank end remove the weak colour against the tank (excluding Tell tanks) You really struggle against her if she goes of 3 times before you find any sort of Rhythm.
The point is when you stack you create room for bad boards, but it is the risk you take, the game is not against you.

My recent boards have been shocking! Shocking I tell you, nothing but red, yellow, green, blue and purple! Alarm!! Seriously, someone should look into it.

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Exactly, it’s always been this way. Mono doesn’t take a lot of skill

But we are forced in to it with ‘Velluria’.

I never go mono and I was at #2 in raids for the past two nights. 3/2 Is the way to play

I’m just not good enough. I have to; I don’t have a choice,

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Huge skill- staying in the game while attempting to turn the boards. Don’t underestimate the skill required to survive bad boards.

3/2 - as said, it’s how to play Velluria.

Classic “bad boards” 3/2 red … and no usable reds… try to turn boards using wide cascades hence heroes down…

Simple end game from here.

Greens charged and Joon done.

Ok I got to say, im tired of everybody saying rainbow this, rainbow that is the issue. You would think that using rainbow you would level up one of the 5 heros before being destroyed with the diversity. The risk you take from running 2-3, 3-2 or even 5x is apparent in the availability of the tiles. The only difference is stacking increases your attack damage for that particular color and of course you can turn a bad board to a win when your color pops up. Furthermore the majority of replies you all have better heroes and most likely high troop levels. Maybe if I had a team over 3600tp i could relate. My issue is the limited matches, not the heros im using. A loss is a loss and can be attempted again EXCEPT with war and tourneys.

Tile stacking damage is one aspect, but a huge part of it is the fact that all of your specials charge at once. Getting a number of specials fired off in close proximity in rainbow is difficult without triggering off a bunch of enemy specials. And specials in isolation often won’t have enough impact to turn the tide in your favour. With a well synergised 3-2 stack you could take out a number of opposing heroes with each round of specials, or if you have a battle of attrition team like mine you chip away at them whilst re-energising and protecting yourself enough to last until the next round of specials

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