Everybody Gets Bad Boards

Three against the tank, two against the flank and the wing will prank :wink:


I don’t think that’s so strange, since purple and yellow have the nice benefit of being neutral against red/blue/green, strong against the opposite, and mutually weak against themselves. So they work well with a lot of team combinations you could go up against.

And purple tends to have a lot of the stronger hitters and specials vs yellow, so it’s a natural choice between the two.

Add to that you having Hel, who’s a no-brainer to take on most or all raids (just like I do with Proteus, since I’m a Hel-less peon), and color stacking purple becomes even more appealing — especially since you also have Panther.

By the time you have Hel and Panther on the team, it doesn’t seem strange at all to me Sartana would often come along for the ride.

So I think your statement is perfectly rational. :slight_smile:

I second this, trying different combinations of heroes and experimenting is much of the fun part for me.


Following up on my previous comment, I just used this team:

…to take out this team:

…with a not particularly amazing board, and in the whole match, the only special the enemy team got off was Caedmon once.

Boy do I love mana control — and it can do wonders to recover from a “bad” board.


I don’t think it’s strange seeing an all blue team against Guin in war. I’ve probably done it myself since I live the monochrome life in war.

Using this strategy is not a bad way to go if you have a roster that can only support 1-3 one-shots on opposing defenses. My roster’s top 30 still includes a couple of 3* and a handful of partially leveled 4*, so I can only build so many effective 3/2 and 2/2/1 stacks against defenses of 3400+ TP (particularly if they color coordinate tanks). I feel that by using my weaker heroes in a monochrome stack, I can increase their overall utility.

I would also say that I have a different play style when running a monochrome team. I’ll focus only on making and setting up one color while clearing as much of the garbage as I can in chains/diamonds. In the previously mentioned example above of the all blue team against Guin, the player can make a yellow diamond (and possibly setup a purple diamond), which is a start. This change in play style does help mitigate the variance a bit. Overall there is still an increased variance, but I’ll accept it for a chance to make five of my attacks one-shots instead of a reasonable chance at three or so. Since I’ve gone back to mono, my war scores have been significantly higher.

For raids I stack 3/2 or 2/2/1. I rarely have to go mono in raids because raids do not test my bench depth to the extent that war does. One of these days I’ll be able to leave the mono-life behind me. One of these days…

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Whats your experience with Hua Tao ?
Did you have an overflow of orbs ?
Do you use him often ?

@Elayanith It’s a bit off-topic of course, but I actually do use Hu Tao quite a lot these days! I’ll quote something I’ve said about him before as a start (note that “them” in the quote below is Hu Tao and Boril):

And to add on:

I use him a lot for raiding now as my third yellow against a purple tank, usually in a 3-2 or 3-1-1 stack with Proteus and one of Rigard/Sabina/Melendor/Boldtusk. While he’s slow and hits softly, he’s a big pile of blubber who’s relatively easy to keep alive, and blind is incredibly powerful in this game, so mixing him in with mana control from Proteus, Leonidas, and Chao often makes anything other than a truly terrible board a total control fest. I can keep most specials from firing, and those that do may well miss.

That “bad board management” piece is where this fits on topic. To tack on more thoughts:

Hu Tao got new life in my Season 2 Hard progress too, where I used him with Boldtusk, Melendor, Rigard, and Proteus on levels with more purple.

I do think his days outside of War and Class Trial usage are numbered, though. I’ve got Vivica at 3-1 as my yellow leveling priority after I finish Wu Kong who I finally got this past Atlantis. And it’s hard to imagine I’d pick Hu over Vivica, Leo, or Chao in the long run when stacking. And on Atlantis Hard levels, now that I have Wilbur, he usually takes that last slot that I used to rotate depending on enemy and boss colors.

So I don’t regret maxing him, and I’ve gotten more than enough use out of him to be happy about it. But I do think he’s less useful in the long run than other 4*.

With a little buff, that could change. I made a case for one here:

And to answer your last question, I have 15 orbs at the moment, so using 4 on Hu Tao a long while ago didn’t end up costing me any choices or delays along the way so far.


Thank you for your excellent thought out and complete answer.


Figured this was worth a mention, FWIW, I still came out with the win…


That seems like it was a pretty good board. You already activated your heroes’ specials once and are close to a second activation. Additionally, you can make red and green diamonds to clear the trash.

Good work on the W, though! It still requires you to find the right moves :).

Thanks, my only maxxed heroes there are Grimm and Rigard, others are still a bit soft so got away with it.

Skynet approves this message :joy:

And this is how my raiding started today

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…with a 5x combo including 6 tiles for Gravemaker? Poor you. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Decent start, though not optimum. It should have gotten your Gravy going at burning the other team and hopefully set up some new moves with the replacement tiles.

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Oh I won the match but when you stack purple and have 1 purple tile to start, it wasn’t :eyes: promising for awhile


It’s a perfect example of why mono teams are so dicey. 3-1-1 had to be a LOT more fun to play on that board than 5-0 would have been. Thanks for sharing it!


I’m wondering is their anyway too fix problems with getting bad boards item’s still not correctingproblems and it’s been consistent figuring bad boards here and there but not everytime

I find my bad boards come in bunches. All areas are affected. All you can do is soldier on.

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How do you mean “fix problems” Hellborne? There are some pretty standard techniques for maximizing performance on bad boards (for example: clearing useless tiles into a healer early on). And there are some good strategy tips for team selection that make many bad starting boards survivable:

Is that what you were asking about?

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That’s what I’ve been doing soldiering on

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