Everybody Gets Bad Boards

Yesterday I was in top 100 global rankings today I’m struggling to stay in diamond my defence is like glass today and can’t get a decent board it always happens take the rough with the smooth and try not to get frustrated

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Boards have been terribly crappy for quite some time and has many of us ready to quit the game. Most of us have been playing for 2 years and up and have never seen the odds so stacked against us. SG really should change this to avoid losing so many loyal players

I know, right?!?! Before I used to be able to win 30 or 40 raids in a row and now the boards are so bad I can only win 13 in a row

Truth is, you’re probably harboring resentment of the game for other reasons. Then you start noticing the bad boards more, as well as other negative aspects of the game.

Nothing changed with how boards are generated. What changed, over time, is the two following things:

  1. How much time you have to get your tiles before you lose (you have much less time than earlier, thanks to the power/speed creep)
  2. How many good tiles you need to win (a lot more than earlier, because the current tanks are much more bulky).

Before you do, immortalize your name here Farewells - MASTER List - Add your favourite past forum great or player who quit [WIKI]. We don’t care whether you are a favorite or great player or forum user, as long as you quit.

I am surprised that you only notice now how crappy the boards are after playing for 2 years. I believe they sometimes do. RNG be RNG. The puzzle there is how to recover from bad opening boards, win the battle and emerge victorious. I have several incidence where my monoblues were able to defeat the GTV core defense. Not because of me being challenged, but because I accidentally forgot to change my raiding team after defeating a red-tanked team in raids. I, too, am playing for 2 years. I don’t have troops level 25 or higher. So far, there are still several players who are at this game for 3 years. Maybe it is time for you to quit.

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Saya sudah memainkan game ini selama kurankura

I don’t call it bad board anymore; just board, regular one.

Boards are boards and you get what you get. If stacking and trying to counter don’t work, you picked the wrong team. Same with Titan and war. It’s a game of chance. I get frustrated with it as well but brush it off.

For the past 2 weeks bad board after bad board. Can’t win even 50% of the time. Been playing this game 2 years. Why the change in the game? And don’t try to tell me SG hasn’t messed with it. I know better and it sucks now too the point I’m ready to tell them to stick it.

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I agree with you. I have been playing almost 4 years, I am level 80 and the boards have never been so bad. I think sg is pushing us all to just up and quit. You can no longer catch a break in this game. Sg you can fix this.

Yeah, very clever move from SG.

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I’d say 20 types of genius.

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Hi everybody. I want to tell something about the battles and how the game isn’t good.
I unsderstand that You have to lose somethimes and It’s normal that in some battles are very difficult depends your level. But I can’t unsderstand when you play a battle with 4 or 5 Red héroes, per exemple, and there aren’t any Red Ball in your puzzle. And you can see it a lot of times. It’s very difficult enjoy the game with this things.
I like this game very much but You have to change the % probability that we have to win in a battle.
And another thing that I can’t unsderstand why you have to change, for exemple, the tags of teluria. If you crate a heroe you can’t change it and made the heroe worse.
Sorry for my english. I have tryed to explain as better as possible for me

They don’t want good puzzles for mono teams because it would be too easy to destroy a top defense with OKish heroes.

And they want people to stop using Telluria and Vela because they need the players to be frustrated so that they spend a lot of money to chase new heroes. ‘Balancing’ means worsening heroes that are too popular to allow other heroes to take their place. But balancing in SG’s terms doesn’t mean fairness and equality. Or else they wouldn’t make Vela for example worse than Zeline. They actually want you to stop using her.

Only a 20% chance of getting a board favorable to red, if you assume each board can be favorable to only one color. Mono-teams are always a risk.

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This has been discussed lots of times. Random board doesn’t have to have an even distribution of colors. If you pick just one color to bet on, you can get a lucky board with more than normal number of tiles or a bad board with a very limited number tiles of a chosen color. In first case you wipe out a defense. In the second case you fail. But first case looks “normal” as we tend to think that winning is normal for us. While, in the second case we feel disappointment and consider such a scenario “unfair”.
It’s just a biased judgment.

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They should release a board shuffle for $5.99 soon stay tuned. Until there try spending enough to pull the OP heroes that they pretend doesn’t exist to make better battles.

What % probability do you want to have for winning a raid?
How many reds would you like in each match?

Look how bad my board was in this tourney matchup - in a matchup I had little chance of winning in the first place! So of course I came straight on here to complain about bad boards but the most awful thing happened - I won! Damn you SG, first for giving me the bad board, then for taking away my right to complain about it!

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