Every time I hit titan it kicks me outta game / Server Disconnect on Titan Attack

When I try to hit titan it kicks me out.

I would say it is more a device issue to do with either your storage space left, ram, memory or a combination of all.


Try clearly data
Removing unnecessary apps
Closing apps that run in the background
Restarting your device before opening the game
Remove images, videos etc from your device as they can take up a lot of storage.

All these and/or a combination of them will help solve your problem.

Good Luck

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I started having a similar issue periodically starting ~3-4 weeks ago (about 1-2x per week). The game plays fine but when I try to hit a titan it gives me an error about using a proxy connection or something similar. I end up having to restart my phone which clears the issue.


iPhone, time shown in video EST. (Edited to include that support ticket has now been submitted.)


That’s exactly what gets me recently. Samsung S7 edge

This happened to me as well, restarting app fixed it. On iPhone XS Max

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Every time when I try to hit the titan, the game quits and says I have connection issue. However, I have no problem with other activities in the game. All other apps using network also work fine.

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I had this happen to me 3 times in a row yesterday. When I hit the attack button on the titan it disconnected me and the message said something about proxy. Luckily it didnt waste any of my flags. I just closed the game and the problem was gone.


This is a known issue. I’ve experienced it myself as well. Not sure why it happens (SG support will probably say it’s your network or whatever, even when everything else on your network is working fine). It can usually be resolved by closing the game and restarting.

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nope… i had them also 2 days ago

Unfortunately it’s either one or a combination of those or an internet connection issue or VPN if your using one but I doubt it is the latter 2 as it would affect more than just the titan or it could be that there wasn’t much animation involved in the titans inbetween.

Question, since or inbetween those 2 days ago have you hit the titan? As I presume your statement means it’s doing it today.

The reason it’s only sffecting the titan is because your playing it faster due to making the most of the short time you have thus producing more overlapping animation occurrences during the play and your device hasn’t the memory’ ram, storage etc to support it thus it freezes and/shuts off, once you restart the game you can attempt it again, if it does it a few times in a row then it’s more likely it’s a combination of my suggestions. The animations combination of the titan and your heroes requires a decent amount of resources to play out. Some players may see split second freezes during it which means they are on the borderline of having the same thing start to happen.
I know it’s easier to believe and blame the source and I see this by device users everyday and 99.5% of the time we are right. But unfortunately without seeing the actual device it’s self, trying to solve it almost impossible as the user doesn’t know what to look for and where. I would suggest taking your device to a tech geek/ store and they will explain it to you and should be able to fix the issue.

One thing I am confident about is that this issue has only a 2% or less chance of it being an issue coming from SG’s servers as servers don’t target individuals or a specific (in this case) game, they affect everyone unless otherwise programmed to do so and I very much doubt SG would waste their time doing that as it wouldn’t benefit them at all.

hit it fine after about 15 minutes that 1 day… I did not restart phone or E&P… just went and hit a titan cam back and did it again. Went and farmed all of my we. Went and checked and was able to hit war.
Ok anyway it works now.

Exactly, I am pretty certian it’s the excess animations doing it due to playing faster.

The best thing I can suggest and I know it’s going to be annoying is restart you device before each titan hit.

This is nothing more than a ram, storage and memory issue with your device telling you you’ve reached it’s limits and eventual it will start to affect other battles also.

I play on a tablet that has this issue every few days but I avoid it by restarting it daily and if I even start to see any lag in play I instantly restart it.

Having said that by suggestions come from experience over a number of years in solving PC and device issues for hundreds of customers if not more not just my own.

Cheers and Good Luck

Thanks ozy…

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Whenever I try to attack a titan I get a connection error

Your explanation makes sense, but why did multiple people start having this issue around the same time?

These problems usually arise after either game or device updates in most cases.

Old data needs to be removed so it doesn’t conflick with new data.

Also shutting down unsed apps when playing strong graphic games helps with memory usage as well.

Restarting your router also needs to be done at least once a week.

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