What is the name of the seasonal event(s) or special hero summon offers that has the Most heroes all at once? Including the rare heroes, seasonal heroes and hero of the month.

I think it’s Atlantis !!!


Atlantis certainly has the most variety, though it doesn’t have Seasonal heroes — only the Seasonal Summons has those.

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Atlantis offers the most heroes, although the chances are lower for pulling them.

Seasonal summons offer ~6 heroes, bonus being that you can use epic hero tokens to pull them instead of just gems.

There was one event that had alot of heroes in it. Just as much or maybe even more than Atlantis. Not a seasonal even though. I don’t remember what it was called.

Well, all the different summons where you can get 3/4/5 stars are:

Epic hero summon. Includes all season 1 heroes

Elemental Summon. Includes only season 1 heroes of the particular colour/element

Seasonal Summon. Includes the applicable seasonal heroes (there are four seasonals, corresponding to the four seasons). These summons also include season 1 heroes as part of the overall hero pool

Atlantis Summon. Includes all Season 2 heroes, some of which have been featured and have higher odds, but also all the Season 1 heroes are in the pool. Has also recently included returning HOTMs (more on them below) as featured heroes

Monthly Event. Each month there is an event (Pirates, Wonderland etc) that cycle through and offer heroes in that theme. Again season 1 heroes are part of the pool.

HOTMs. Each month for last couple of years there has been a Hero Of The Month (aka HOTM), which is 5 star hero who is generally interesting or powerful or both. This is not a separate summon, but you get a bonus chance of drawing the HOTM for each one of the other summons you undertake

As far as I know, there is no other kind of Summon like that which you describe. If you have any more detail on this memory please share and we could offer more help


Monthly challenge events all have 5 exclusive heroes each - 2 at 4* and 3 at 5*

Seasonal events:
Christmas 4 heroes - North and Santa 5*, Buddy 4*, Rudolph 3*
Spring 3 heroes - Lepus 5*, Jack 4*, Squire 3*
Summer 6 heroes - Rana and Yunan 5*, Gafar and Jabar 4*, Hisan and Arman 3*
Halloween 3 heroes - Viktor 5*, Valeria 4*, Vlad 3*

Atlantis has 10 exclusive 5* +2 bonus old HOTM each month, 9 exclusive 4*, and 7 exclusive 3*

Each portal also contains the 68 regular heroes you can get from epic portal (or elemental)

So Atlantis has by far the most with 97 different heroes in, with Sand Empire (next week) after that with 75


And the odds of getting an interesting (non-standard) 5* are better in Atlantis:

Atlantis: 1.6 % (2.5 % total chance for 5*)
Monthly: 1% (2.5%)
Seasonal: 0,6% (1.5%)

So you would suggest using your “epic hero token” during the seasonal events?

Yes, because at least with Seasonal there is a very small chance to get a hero other than a TC20 trainable hero. If you use your EHT’s outside of a seasonal summon, you limit your pool of possible summons to only TC20 trainable heroes.


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