Events should be a real competition

The competition part and rankings in special events (like Pirates, Guardians etc.) in current form are broken, close to be totally pointless. The reason? You can repeat each stage an infinite number of times, so all you have to do is to pick your favourite mono team and wait for the perfect board for the best score. Of course, it means you are willing to burn a lot of WE flasks.

In other words, there’s no reward in making the best possible team for every stage individually, and for every boss around. Because it will not help you climb the ladder anyway.

What could be a partial solution? Once the stage is finished and points gained, it should be locked.

It doesn’t stop all the players to fly away from battles if they feel the score isn’t that great. Meaning, one could still fight the stage as many times as he/she would like, but at some point everyone would have to decide it was enough and proceed further with the quest. Otherwise, they risk not to finish it. Plus, the decision would be based on a personal feeling that the score is good enough (not like now, based on hard data) so it involves strategic thinking to some extent.

Wouldn’t be a perfect solution, but I believe it could bring back some creativity and actual game play… At the same time, it could partly remove this mindless RNG searching for the best board out there.

P.S. This post came out of my first chasing score in RARE and EPIC Pirates. I was watching myself and after couple of stages was like - what the heck am I doing, this is nonsense?! :joy:

Flee every time?
Would be almost the same.

Maybe take a look in here:


I second this. The challange events in this game have more of spending gap than a real challange.

Another thing is that if you look at top leader boards there are always the same people on it.

I usually try to improve my score but i never lose my mind in the process. I only work with my available world energy , i dont use flask and dont push forward my forge production either.

If you ask me , the scoring system is pretty awful to me


Almost the same, but not exactly… You must make decisions when to stop to be able to go further. Plus, you wouldn’t know for sure it’s the best possible score until it’s done. :man_shrugging:t2:

I will look that post, thank you.

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They want em to be a gem and resources consuming thing.

I only try to reach the flask tiers.
Frustrating reruns are annoying.


I had a good run in Rare and Epic event, for a place in top 10k and top 5k today, respectively. And thought, why not trying to stay there, the rewards are nice. But the process itself is ridiculous. :man_shrugging:t2:

Was just looking for that :+1: couldn’t recall what it was called.

For op I’m kinda just happy to collect the free flasks from it I stay in that level I’m bit higher in rare this time around aswell :slight_smile:
But then there is the case if there was a limit of how many times maybe my score would be higher than some so I Could get better loot🤔.
But also im not replay it all again anyways as it not worth my time a few stages here and there just for flasks that’s it. You prob have the same people at the top anyways as they will find a new strategy on how to get to the top.

I can see one possible drawback…maybe.

I do not compete in events at all…I just play for the completion rewards. Usually I just play a level then move on, but occasionally I am a token or two short of being able to do a free coin pull, so play a lower level in rare tier to see if the tokens will drop.

Locking the tiers after you have completed it would stop the farming aspect, wouldn’t it? I CAN understanding setting a limit of how many times it can be replayed though, and, I am not entirely sure I care enough about farming to worry about a limit. Okay, that solved in my mind…carry on, lol.

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Actually, that brings another perspective - would you finish the stage when the coins pop-up, and not flee - even if you now the score isn’t great? :thinking::joy:

I guess my issue with current set up is that there’s no any pressure… You don’t have to decide anything - just play on repeat. I guess I enjoy the idea of having 6 war flags and that’s it. 5 flags in tournament. And you are really engaged in those knowing it’s to be or not to be.

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I would would not flee if the coin came up, but I would probably play that level again a few times if I needed more coins. Since I do not play for scoring, that part wouldn’t matter much to me.

I would just limit the times you can replay a single stage.
And now that i’ve found how the system of point works, i would put a penalty for every item used. I just find it pointless to search for that one perfect board and then bomb the enemies with items. That should not be a run deserving the most points :thinking:

Love the idea. One modification, no battle items/resources, you get one chance with no help, 5 heroes that is all. You lose the battle, you get 0 points on that stage (repeating the stage allows you to continue, but does not change your score). First time score is recorded and cannot be changed. If you leave the battle, it is counted as a loss (no crash recovery).

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The monthly challenge events almost always have the same people dominating the top leaderboards who were able to buy the WE flasks or recharge their WE by buying it from the Shop at the cost of WE gems. Though it is worth replaying the stages to secure the highest score possible to get them Finley, Marie Therese, Black Knight, etc, along with the rewards attached to it like unfarmable ascension materials, tokens and other goodies, but this only shows the disparity between moneyed players and F2Ps. I may agree to have the stages replayed but it should have a penalty of -5 to 10% final score and another -5 to 10% final score everytime a player replays a certain stage. That is why it’s called a challenge event. Let players have the equal opportunity to get those premium goodies.

Locking my vote on this. Hope this can be merged with previous threads of similar topic.


Heavily disagree with this idea, as it wouldn’t solve anything about the rankings of challenge events- it would just make them be based entirely on RNG, on whether you get a good board or not-and to compete, people would still be endlessly fleeing until they rolled a godlike board. There would be no more filling your monster chest with 12 WE or farming levels for coin chests or recruits and backpacks either, which would suck. It would also make events a lot more stressful than they currently are. IMO, the rewards brackets should be enlarged slightly, which would enable more people to get good rewards from the event, rather than implementing an idea like this which would mean players like me could never ever get a good rank again.


Well, RNG is the same for everybody, so if somebody gets perfect boards for all 15 stages, well, maybe that person should win in that competition. But how often that could happen? More likely, all of us would get some good boards, some bad boards - on average the same.

Regarding endless fleeing, I believe this proposal is still improvement compared to current situation. At least it would require time management from the player. Yes, you can flee 10 times before you decide that it’s the best score ona can have. Imagine doing that for all stages - because you can’t go further without finishing one stage. It is possible only to very few, with unlimited free time and resources. Still much less than now.

It’s true that I didn’t consider farming during events… For me, farming means Atlantis rising, and all other places are just pleasant addition. My mistake.

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PS. When I finished epic tier, was ranked 3000. 12 hours later, this is my rank:

So, to stay in top 5k I have to repeat the stages. Wether I improve my score or not will totally be dependent on RNG (getting the best board), my willingness to use WE refills and usage of battle items.
I believe it wouldn’t be the case if stages are closed after a while.

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Heavily disagree with this. I wouldn’t be able to complete each difficulty of the challenge event like I do now: first run is for completion only, then redo stages I need to redo.

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Well, that’s sort of the reason why this is not a real competition. But I understand that a lot of people enjoy this format. That’s ok. :slight_smile:

And if it’s not a real competition, rewards system is strongly biased, hence, broken.

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to me…ranking is not important. I just want to complete it to enjoy the Tier Completion Reward. Cheers!!

this is what makes it more competitive than people realize

eliminating retries would make it more of a lotto system, not more competitive

then there’s which battle items, execution time, team synergies(not just any mono will do), figuring out which stages to replay/are worth improving, etc etc