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I believe I’ve seen this briefly touched on elsewhere, but it was off-topic there. Here’s @CopperLabyrinth’s version, quoted from Line by request:

I think they need to structure towards the events on a point based reward gain as well as the ranking. Not just the minor completion award.

People might spend and replay to achieve point count rather than the atmospheric points gained by zero and the top 100.

One of each 3* ascension item at 500k points for intermediate, one of each 4* ascension item at 650k points…or somesuch.

Really would suck the items and gems out as folks pursue, plus gives added benefit of folks able to get a hero promoted every half year if you can obtain the point threshold.

3 4* heroes a year of each color
2 5* heroes in a year fully ascended, each color

Or they could do that on every 3rd monthly event, if they wanted to throttle (Just a thought).

Then its not pay to win, and the top 10 aren’t the only ones to get stronger heroes for the next run.


I know I miss going against the grain here but I disagree. I have no issues with Zero constantly winning everything… he spends the money time and resources to do so it’s well deserved. The rest have to grind it out like all of us. SG has included multiple ways of gaining ascension items and adding even more would through the game out of whack.

If everyone got everything they wanted the game would end and that’s bad business for SG. Just my opinion which I know will be very unpopular just try to me civil when you throw hate my way :wink:

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Challenge events are like eBay, only the top bidder gets the really rare and valuable stuff, that is why the 2- 10 prizes are not nearly as good as the #1 prize. If the 2- 10 prizes were almost as good, people wouldn’t waste time trying for #1. Someone selling something on eBay want the most money they can get from it, the Devs want the most people striving for #1. Improving the other challenge event rewards would water down the time, energy and money spent trying to get #1.

You can see this also in the event summons. The Devs could add event only 3* heroes and then just have a summons of ONLY event heroes. At least hearing people complain about a x10 summons getting five 3* Drunken sailor would be new. Instead the Devs deliberately make it hard to get the Guardian heroes by mixing them in with ALL the 4* and 5* heroes.

The tier completion rewards are like buy it now on eBay, not really and auction, more of a shop. Yes, I would like it if the completion rewards were on par with a rare quest, because that seems to be the amount of time, effort and money required to get them, but the Devs need a large difference to encourage people shooting for #1.

The “Save the Winter” even is almost exactly what you are describing. Perhaps we will one day have twelve monthly specials based on a holiday. The Devs are programming as fast as they can.

I think the biggest discontent comes from “wasting hero roster slots” saving 3* heroes for the challenge event and then the tier completion rewards being so poor.

Since day one on the forums I have been banging my drum trying to get more in game uses for 3* and 4* heroes, but no response from the Devs. Either a) they know and don’t have the developer cycles to do anything about it ( priorities ) or b) they eventually plan for 6* heroes in which case 3* heroes ( which are substantially weaker than 4* and 5* heroes due to only 3 tiers of ascension ) are going to eventual be the new 2* heroes, fodder and feeders. Only time will tell.

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I love the idea!!!

I always go for a balance between effort and reward. Thus, I play the events in Intermediate and Advanced for the completion reward only. After playing the 10 levels once, I happily bag the completion rewards and then go on with my game and my life.

I would not even think of spending time, effort, money (energy refills) and items on trying to hit a moving target. What on earth for?

Now, with a fixed line, say 600k, if I am at 550k, I just might make an effort to achieve that 600k and grab that reward for 600k. If it is worth it, that is.

And, from reading here in the forum, I think that I am by no means alone with this effort/reward attitude.

I am by no means opposed to the same people winning the top prizes. Why should I? They worked hard for them, they earned them, let them enjoy them.

But why not give “normal players” a fixed target that they can strive for? In addition to the completion award? Not everybody enjoys running after moving targets. To my own mind, and concerning my own behavior, running after a moving target is just utter silliness. It takes all the running you can do just to stay in the same place? Naawww …


I’ll tell @CopperLabyrinth you liked his idea. :wink:

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Yup, count me in as a ‘like’ for the idea.

Take on board the points by @Gryphonknight and @Pops, but (like I generally say in most my posts), the concepts are not mutually exclusive.

There’s a lot of ground in quality between the finishing reward and the #1 slot rewards… and there should be.
Introducing a bit worthwhile at point levels will not be too much of a disincentive to the #1 slot competition. After all, those competing for #1 will get those rewards on the way as well.

I honestly believe the folks competing for #1 and Top 10 are not doing it for the rewards - they are doing it for the pure competition. The rewards are just a nice compensation for the effort invested.

As for the the requirement to grind it out… well you still need to do that to get to the higher point tiers. There’s a world of difference between giving everyone everything for free, versus giving people a couple of decent crafting or ascension mats once a month as a pat on the back for decent achievement.

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Very good and valid points @Gryphonknight. I appreciate the time you put into your posts. Thank you

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