Events only, award list

can’t find in search so if this been covered I need the link.

Is there a list showing all ascension rewards for an entire year?

I’m in desperate need to level any of my 5* heroes but lack materials. So excluding random drops, looking for fixed list so I can start planning


[#ff9933]:star:Rare quest in order||||
:elementice:[#99ccff]FrostMarch/Scopes, cape
:staff:[#e0e0e0]Farholme pass/Gloves,Tomes
:elementholy:[#ffff00]Shiloh desert/Darts, Orbs
:staff:[#e0e0e0]Farholme pass/compass,damas
:elementfire:[#ff0000]Mount Umber/blades, rings

Thats quests we just had strikewood so next FrostMarch they every 7-10 days

So I should get 5 royal tab a year?

Actually is happening every 2 months, so you’d get 6 per year (this year has been able in JAN, MAR, MAY, JUL).

You also get royal tabard from the November seasonal event quest, Return to Morlovia. Other than that, either you need to gather all 4-leaf clovers, rabbit’s feet and other lucky charms to get one from various chests, titans, raid tourney rewards, mystic visions, etc.

There’s some in challenge events too if you like competing.