Events need a cap on stage replay

This, simply put, is the only game I have ever played that for three years allows completely known exploits to allow the same players to BUY there way through leaderboards and still expect players to take any of these events seriously.

Allowing reruns over and over means 85% of the player population has no real chance to compete for any top prizes and that’s just insane. P.O.V Is an actual event, where if people push their hardest and complete challenges, they can get the same rewards as other people who push, but these challenge events.

Almost None of these so called top 100 players would be able to place if they had to actually play each stage instead of purchase. With a rerun limit per stage, and yes it might cause some players to not finish, but I know most people here would rather see strong enough to make the events versus this constant "I bought my way to the top so people think I’m good nonsense we have now.

I’m sick of seeing the same names at the top every event when they dont need any of the stuff they are pushing for just simply wanna wave their wallets in hard working players faces.

I see 5 million complaints about summons and sacha yet every sits back and let’s this garbage happen every single event and nothing being done about it.

Thnx for revamping the events wwith more stages so the wallets definitelt make the FTP players know that it wont matter what they learn if they cant buy there way through an event or save a rediculous amount of flasks to prove they can exploit better than the next person?

We are losing players left and right, some over P.O.V which really makes no sense to me but the events, I can stand behind these guys as I know what i have to do to place high and there is nothing noble about it.

Replay limit needs to be made and it needs to be made yesterday.


Won’t happen for the simple reason you stated in your first paragraph. People ‘buying’ their way is what devs want.


I agree a cap is in order.

I think having a 10 or 20 run limit would still allow 99% of people to finish. It would also force players to make their runs COUNT, rather than restarting over and over waiting for that dream board.


Its ■■■■■■■■ some.of the hard work I see these guys put in for these events only to e shafted by people with no real skill being shown at all. Thousands of videos all over the internet showing to buy their way to the top, let me see ONE of a guy who does it actual skill. After emblems pretty much ruined any hope for players with 3/70 5 stars in their rosters waiting for mats to help them in wars anymore, my spending here has come to a complete halt.

At some point skill has to have a purpose or it’s no longer a game. We have many people who support this game, but all of us are about over the fact that real skill is just not even a thing anymore. I’m not buying my way through anything anymore. I my cards and complete things but the credit card will.stay removed until FTP players have a fair shot at receiving things most of the players purchasing for dont even need.


Short: No

Limiting the reruns will make the scores be based on luck. If you only have 3 attempts and 3 bad starting boards thats it. No skill included.

Also: Getting into top100 doesn’t require a single penny. All you need are a few world energy flasks and the right heroes (Falcon & Wilbur for example). For rare it is even easier. Stack namage, rabbit or Rudolphs. Not that hard to get. No endless money needed.

Oh and one more thing: Yes getting getting into top10 is insanely stupid but for rare top1000 or for epic top500 is totally possible without spendkng gems on refills.

Oh one last thing: spending money/resources is nk exploit


Also, in response to “they’ll always do what makes money” - of course they will. However, if there were a limit on runs, even a fairly high one, MORE people would be paying to refill their flags, since they may actually have a chance. A few whales getting the top spots won’t add up to 1000’s of CTP getting their runs in.

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20 reruns per tier. That’s fair for all as you know that starting and they could easily put a counter up there.

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Thanks for totally no taking it personal and sticking to the point of the discussion.


There is no personal take at all simply speaking up for the voices that you people dont care about. I can spend and buy my way through if I wanted to but it’s a flawd system and a rerun limit should have been set it stone long ago.

The fact that you are worried about havingntongo through the same stages as all these guys who cant afford a ton of refills said way more about you than you care to admit.

There was a guy with skill: Xero. And people yelled because the same guy won every section.

People will always complain about something if they are unhappy. If the conditions shift (Xero stopped playing all three sections), the complaining will shift.

Personally, it made me happy when Xero won…because he absolutely was the best, and he absolutely deserved the prize, no question.


With a cap on reruns they can complain all they want and it will be joyous. Wayching a 1 year guy land I the top using actual heroes and board manipulation yo get there versus this stupid run mono, use crafting items, kill enemy, rinse and repeat nonsense is tragic. I will be at my two years in April and throughout that time felt no need to look elsewhere, recently after playing a newer game that’s only been out a month, it really made me see how bad some of our players have it and its saddening, because there is no way this game can stay afloat catering to the type of mentality that these events showcase.


It’s not really that hard to rank decently without any Flasks or Gem Refills, like this:

What is hard without refills is ranking very high, like Top 10, and even more so winning.

But even if those were capped for replays, there’d still only be a small number of people in those spots, so this would still be true:


Potential complaints, using your system:

  • I was unfairly defeated by RNG!
  • 20 tries is not enough!
  • 20 tries is too much!
  • We should not have extra tries at all!

Sorry to be cynical, but I’ve been here too long, listening to complaints too long. :wink:


Same thing can be achieved if you can’t flee in event. Once you’re in - play through it, win or die, but no fleeing. This will naturally reduce reruns, and favor f2p players with lots of time.


The worst case scenario of those complaints I would deal with. It would at least show that SG gave a crap about the FTP players who cant spend every moment of everyday in this game.

And dont rerun any stage after that screen shot and reshow the same scores at the end of the event

Never brought a single refill for events or any other time and yes I have placed before


But you don’t have to deal with them. SG does. You’re stirring up a crowd and leaving it for someone else to deal with. :wink:


Did you feel you placed on your skill or buy what you could purchase and use? A real event would be like limited color, no crafting items, only tanks, you know something that forces people to think not this nonsense we have now.

If we were limited to a single run per Stage, then scores would be totally RNG.

I typically rerun Stages just a couple of times, but only allowing a single run really would just make it totally random.

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