Events in April

We know that we will have the Easter event, but there will be a challenge event too?

If they stay the course they have been, we will have Knights of Avalon Event on April 12th.

I assume the Easter Event will start on the 1st and last all month just like the Winter Event did.


And what does that mean for event summonses?

Will there be an Easter special all month with the Avalon heroes tossed in for a weekend?

I was not playing last Easter. Can someone pls say how they handled it then.


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There will be two parallel events. While you have easter event everyday, on one weekend the Avalon event will take place altogether, and you will have other quests to fight. Only on that period you have chance to summon Avalon’s heroes.

Just saw a video by KalEl of his beta testing the april heroes and events.

When he showed the summongate page, it showed a rabbit hero in the epic summons box with Vivica in the elemental box.

I guess we will have the bunnies all month and the event heroes in the elemental slot as usual.

Just thought I would pass it along.

I’m not testing in beta, hopefully! hahaha, I only found it on youtube and shared it :smiley:

I don’t think it will last a Month.
Rather i think it will start the next days and lasts 2 weeks.

Also that way ther would be no collision with the next challange event

Bear in mind that you are gonna probably need 460 energy to finish both difficulty Springvale Tournaments.
150 WE for normal difficulty.
310 WE for advanced difficulty.

no, it was nerfed to about 386 total energy

So has there been any new information or a confirmation of some sort about whether or not we will for sure have a normal Monthly Event after Springvale ends? Or are we all just assuming there will be? :thinking:

Petri has stated that the monthly Challenge Event will continue as usual.


Awesome, thank you! :grin:

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