Events for October?

Anyone hear about any events for the month?

Halloween on 22th I believe.

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Read the vampires vs healers thread. Read down a out 12 posts to an attachment of a Petri beta response which spells everything out


I think

11.10. Grimm Forest
22.10. Halloween (for 2 weeks)
25.10. Atlantis


Almost. Atlantis will be on the 28th.


last thursday of the month lands on the 25th and that’s when the next stages unlock, where did you hear about the 28th?

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Up until this point they have unlocked 3 days before months end. You can find out for yourself when they unlock by going to the map.

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The Map says 19 Days and 6 hours. Thats the 25th

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Thanks guys for all the info and @Bud thanks for the info where to read up a little more on this!!

first atlantis summon was on the 23rd of august and the map says it’s unlocks on the 25th, that’s why i’m asking

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