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With the latest challenge event reverting back to the old school 10 stages, do people prefer this or the many more stages that got added to other events?

Personally, I find 10 stages much more manageable and enjoyable as there are just too many things in the calendar lately so reducing the time needed is welcome

I would definitely like to see all events go back to 10


I’d keep to more stages, due to the fact that rare stage 3 has the best xp/we rate game wide. Also the low energy cost and short time needed to auto run it allows for challenge tokens farming. I don’t compete in events, so after I complete all three tiers, I autofarm rare 3 as many times as I can. As dull as it is, the experience boost is only comparable to loot ticketing Atlantis and there’s always a few tokens in it.


“15 stages for rare and 10 stages for epic and legendary” is best :smile:


I am not against 10 stages in Rare, as long as there is a WE 1 Rare stage comparable to the already existing Rare - 3 stage, with 975 xp per flag. Also worth mentioning that it’s probably the best place in the game to farm feeder heroes.


If only. :rofl:

I do appreciate Rare 3 in 15 stages. Having written that, I am fine to “sacrifice” it for reverting back to 10 stages (as long as loot is the same). :sweat_smile:


and also cost same WE too :smile:


Us player don’t ask for much, do we? :rofl:

Back on topic, 100% agree with @AndyBSG that 10 stages are much more manageable and enjoyable.

I wonder, if perhaps the new challenge events can all be 10 stages, and keep existing challenge events at 15 stages? :thinking:


Yeah, that seems best to me.

I would like to alternate.
One month 10 stages, one month 15.


A classic one. Also applicable for myth titans and ninja tower.


Be it 10 stages or 15, the ones that want to compete will still grind to the fullest so there will be no difference for them IMHO. Also will be the same burden on their item lists.

For those of us however who prefer it to be more casual and farm Rare-3 all of the time - indeed, not a job, just keep it fun - when it’s 10 stages it’s crap. Unlike previous event, I don’t plan to spend any extra time on this one, but rather go farm S1 8-7 or 12-9. Not worth it to play it in my book. Only for the completion rare mats and emblems - but that doesn’t require 4 days, rather half a day.


15 was too much - a lot to think about when I wanted to grind my score for higher level rewards (in my case being EHT or ETT). It also felt like the same stage is being played over and over again with the bosses being the same etc - stretching the tiers unnecessarily. Maybe energy cost was comparable, but time invested cost felt definitely too much. Now it’s faster to get the rewards and less levels to look at when attempting to replay.

However, I do echo the sentiment about the rare stage 3 - it was perfect autofarm level once you were done with completing the tiers or ensuring a place in your target reward tier. Could get some coins there as well. Now there’s no more ‘farming’ at events that makes sense, and it is a step back for sure.

Overall though, considering pros and cons, I prefer 10 stages over 15.


The change back to 10 stages makes a huge difference for those who compete. Even more so for those who compete in two or even all tiers.

I’d think they can significantly reduce both WE refills, and battle items used. That is, if they haven’t been put off by the event hero bonus…

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Even if it’s so, and I don’t claim to know better since I don’t compete in these events for best score, I’d say that removing the WE 1 stage at the Rare difficulty hurts new players the most, who will now simply ignore this event for the most part. So it’s fine for 10 stages as long as they return the WE 1 stages. It doesn’t really matter. SG could put more WE in the last two stages on the Rare difficulty - 7 instead of 6 - to compensate for it.

10 stages is my personal preference by a Looooooonnnnnggggg shot…

I don’t compete and I don’t farm (I don’t really care for “exp farming”) I do the events for COMPLETION thus the less effort the better.


One is never too high level to farm exp IMO. :wink:

There’s the special Viv avatar for reaching level 100. :heart_eyes:

15 might have been ok once upon a time when there were way less events. I agree that the game was starting to feel like a job. I welcome the change back to 10 stages.


This couldn’t have come at a better time IMO. Once Villans ends, there’s Costume Chamber. And after that Ninja Tower. Hardly any non event days this month.

If I could choose, I’d rather they shorten Ninja Tower to maximum 40 stages. NT is more for long term, end game players. I’ll take the 10 stage Villans though!


I mean I kinda like the time needed for this now.

I did my rare run in 30 minutes at lunch today…can’t complain about that at all.

Only problem is no reference for whether it’s going to hold 1k or not now :joy:


10 stages, on all events, its more manageable, this game is already too time consuming, a chore, when:

1- to farm without the loot tickets, you have play the whooooole level, the auto option helps, but you need a team either much stronger than the enemies because the IA in this game sucks (have 0 timing) or put too many healers to make the farm quick.

2- playing the story levels for the first time its not fun since its just the same enemies over and over and over, just with more life and damage, no new strategies, barely inconvenient mechanics like poison or mist (they don’t make the stage harder, just longer).

3-The special animations are too convoluted and long, why heroes have animations so long? heimdall literally cover the whole board with light and goes hero by hero to give them the extra life.

Some of my friends barely have time to play because everything in this game its made to make the player waste time on it, this event is the first time i saw them actually being excited to to do, not because the new heroes?villains? are useful, but because they can finish quick, and maybe farm coins on it later.

Want to farm or want a better score? find the best stage for it, i’m sure there’s still a good stage to farm or get a better time. the top spenders/players will have it harder because its less options to do but i hardly care for them since ill never get there anyway.

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