Events and Promotions are taking too much of screen space!

As it is right now, it is taking so much screen space with all these promotions and events. If I want to get rid of these promotions and events, I need to spend money on them and there are SIX promotions currently in the game.

There are less than 42% of the gameplay screen that is allowed for the players to be used and I don’t have to scroll too much to manage the game.

Not only you guys have the store for spending money and gems, but also taking more space for these events and promotions on the screen of the game.

Can the game developer please stop using such passive agressive method and asking players to pay for the game? Give back players the game experience like before and allow a smarter way to present these pomotions. I am sure the players do not need to get overwhelmed by these promtions everytime when they log into the games.