Events - a further idea for reward structure - Reward choice


@ruse already posted another great idea regarding reward structure for events (which I endorse)

This post is a different idea, and is not mutually exclusive with that one:
The concept is simple: Allow a choice from a pool of items as the reward for event completion (and/or for a new reward tier if going with @ruse’s idea). The rarity and breadth of the items in the pool can depend on your performance / finishing tier.

I think this would address one of my main frustrations with this event… that both Intermediate and advanced were not worth the investment in time and battle items as the rewards had no value to me. I already have sufficient of the ones offered in intermediate, and don’t (currently) need the ones offered in Advanced.

Now if I knew I could take a choice of 2 (say) rare (3* and/or 4*) ascension items out of an offered pool, then I’m far more likely to get something of real value to me out of it, and would therefore be far more willing to face the (considerable!) challenge and expense of completing the event in both Intermediate and Advanced to get there.

Why go through all the trouble of designing an event (with great artistry by the way - kudos for that) only to have so many players decide not to play it because of the rubbish reward structure? Waste of effort.

Please actively support/like if you like the idea, or provide constructive criticism and reasoning if you don’t. Devs have a better chance of considering an idea they see has support from the established player base.

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Surprised this hasn’t had any response or much reaction yet given the number of comments about Event reward structure.

Giving it one more go from the top…