Event with Zero, video showing how to complete the intermediate Avalon event

Here is a video showing how to use color stacking and good use of the board to finish Avalon intermediate. Yes i used fully maxed 4* heroes, but this can be done with under leveled heroes as well. I also used no items to do this.


Really nice. Missing you on board. Great hints and help for everyone. Just a simple question for most who don’t have Falcon. The best common choice to play with Boldtusk would be Gormek for defense debuffer or someone like Scarlet or Kelile to do straight increased damage?

Compliment zero kiss

you can use Gormeck.

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For someone who dominates so much in this game I half expected you to have a deeper voice :smiley: lol

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There’s a ton of questions i would like to ask you, but i guess it’s more fun to figure out by myself.
For now, i’m really mesmerized by your ability to generate diamonds and read the board, and thats really something i have to work to (not easy to change my “style” after so much time spent playing in another way)

Really impressed me that you still consider better playing with falcon and leave at home greens even on full blue mobs stages. Always guessed that the score reflect the “strong tiles” you succeed to use, and not merely the total number of combos.

What’s more, hving a good bench is an advantage, but sometimes i really have problems choosing a team (especially in Avalon where you have contraddictions on weaker elements) and end up trying way too many assects, not understanding in the end what was the better. But you seems to not have any doubt at all.

Really really interesting for all the people, not only newbies :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I was having the hardest time breaking top 300. Checked this out, got up to 66 before I had to get in the car and drive the family home. Looking forward to next month.

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