Event vs. Elemental Summons


Hi All,

I’ve been hoarding gems for an 10x elemental summon for a while when the thought occurred to me, given we are pretty close to a new challenge event, of maybe doing an 10x event summon.

Does anyone have any idea if the odds of a 4 or 5* hero are further increased in an event summon? I know it ‘replaces’ the elemental summon during the event, but I wasn’t sure if the odds were any better, the same, or worse (like an epic hero pull) compared to an elemental summon.


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Data Collection on Event Hero Summons

Not sure of the odds, but I would definitely wait until the new event heroes are available so I have a shot at those too! :wink:


Well I did a huge amount of event summons in the last event to get Kestrel. And from that I can draw the conclusion that the chances seem to be the same as in elemental. You can get any regular hero, but the event heroes are more likely. Half of the 5* heroes I got were pirates the rest were random others.

For me the drop rate for 5* heroes was 4% and monthly hero 2%. These numbers aren’t of course real probabilities but my statistics of my run. But taking account the large amount of summons I did I would say the real probabilities are somewhere in that ballpark. Maybe an error margin of ±1%


You should also keep in mind that doing a 10+ elemental summon, you will get 10 heroes of the same colour.


Yeah - I am aware. I used to do only elemental pulls but I have a good 4 and 5* mix right now (but not enough of each that I am thinking of the event ones. If it’s the same rate as the elemental pull I will head down that path.

Thanks for the info, Arien.


Hey guys. I did 20 rolls on elemental summon but did not get any bonus, and other people I know they all get one 5* star for every 20 rolls they do. Anyone knows why? Thanks in advance


They’re a lot luckier than you or me. That’s all.


I am still salty that I did a 10x summon during Knights of Avalon and didn’t get a single event hero. I doubt I’ll ever try my luck like that again.


one 10x isn’t good odds to get an event hero as they just seem to add the event 4* to the 4* pool and 5* to te 5* pool.

For me:

Camelot: 140 pulls (14 10x), got 5 lancelot, 2 Merlin, 1 Morgan. Neither of the two I really wanted. Merlin has been great raiding FYI

Guardians: 130 pulls across both times. 3 Falcons 1 Jackal 1 Owl 1 Kong. No panther…

pirates I didn’t count, but maybe 60 across both times. Got 1 Boomer and 1 Cabin Boy.


I think, that the chances for event heroes are higher than for the normal ones. I got at least two of them with every 10x I did. Most of my ally members also got more event heroes as they should have gotten if these heroes had the same chances to be pulled like the normal ones. But of course I don’t have any concrete numbers.


for the 4* I wouldn’t doubt it. For the 5* I haven’t seen any evidence of that.


I don’t say, that the chances to get a 4* or 5* are higher at event summons than at elemental summons. But if you pull a 4* or 5*, then the chances that this one is a event hero are much higher as they should be if they where “just added” to the pool. Just from my experience I would say it’s more or less 50%.


u rolling in cryptocurrrency?


during the knights event i rolled 2X10’s. i got a merlin and lancelot from each pull, so ended with 2 of each. i get lucky with 4’s but have yet to get a 5* over the course of 5 or 6 10pulls.