Event vs Atlantis summons

With the new event 5* coming up, what are the chances of getting a specific 5* in the new events?
What is the chance of getting a specific featured 5* in Atlantis?
Which one has higher probability?

Well thats easy SLIM and NONE


You have listed the new summoning odds…

Atlantis portal has 1% chance to summon classic 5* and 1.5% chance to summon Atlantis or featured 5*

Event has 1.5% chance to summon classic 5* and 1% chance to summon event 5*

This means Atlantis is better…? At least for non classic 5*

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It should be, but it is not better, because atlantis cost gems more over events. So it means both balance if we compare with gems and the probability outcome.

Yes but Atlantis also gives 3* ascension mats with a chance of 4*

But I agree events u can do more summons with ur gems so more chance of hotm

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I’ve personally done much better with the Atlantis Rising Summons, overall, compared to events summons or elemental.
Mostly I use Atlantis due to the guaranteed AM chest for every 10 summons.
If you don’t have many Atlantis heroes and have the gems I’d suggest the AR summons. Even if you are after one of the older HotM or the new HotM, it’s the best option IMO

OK, I know plus Atlantis has *3 and *4 AM, so balance because the cost is more expensive then event portal.
And if we need to decide then it depens, I think both are great, expecially Guardian, if we do not have Jackal and Falcon. Otherwise Atlantis specially if we do not have Wilbur and proteus, and also to get *3/*4 AM.

TDLR: there are no win/lose in this VS :ok_hand:
It depend :wink:

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