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An alliance member of mine noticed that a few of the event quest time left bars are outlined in green…only have one like that on mine, but he has two…do they light up green when completed?

No clue about pattern. I’ve got one: Springvale, and that isn’t completed yet so I dunno.

I have completed all of the available quests / events and only one is outlined in green. And that is the Springvale Festival seasonal event

That’s what mine looks like but my springvale is completed…have no clue

Two of mine are outlined green…

I have 3 in green, yet i didnt even start, nor plan to do so, the other one.

My theory:

It is outlined in green if you have enough world energy to do the next available stage (or for events with multiple difficulties like Easter, the lowest available stage.

If you don’t have the energy, or there is no stage available as it is completed, that event is not outlined green

Haven’t checked but it makes sense

Edit: no this isn’t it, I have three WE available and the lowest level of Mine Iron is 3, but no green. Any other theories?

I don’t understand the way it works either. Here I share two screenshots before and after the Easter event finished:

I had all the flags in both cases and the one which changed was the colour of the timer of the mine iron mission.

Here are mine, both not green.
Really no idea why. I liked the idea with world energy, but that also doesn’t work, first iron quest only needs 3 We, so I would have enough but not green.

There’s an old thread about this somewhere, but last time I tried to find it I failed.

I don’t think anyone figured it out then either. And different events being colored differently for different people is weird.

Previous thread: Quest Green frame meaning

No resolution ever found really.

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