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I recorded video of a few runs on the event in hopes of working out the scoring formula, and found something troubling. In two runs I had very similar times, but the score for my slower run was higher.

Run 1: Time - 1:22.1, Time Bonus: 13525

Run 2: Time - 1:20.2, Time Bonus: 13445

The run that was 2 seconds slower earned 80 more points, which oughtn’t be the case. I really hope that this is a mistake or a correction for server lag, and that there isn’t some random factor added into these scores. Boards already make the game random enough, and he scores should be an exact representation of a player’s performance.


Oh I thought you didn’t account for the other bonuses, but now I see that the time bonuses are different. Hmmm.

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Cascades and animations of hero specials take up a lot of time, maybe that gets substracted?

Perhaps the time bonus is calculated on how long it takes to complete each round in a stage?

@Petri @Sara now the event is over, I’d really appreciate you making sure that scoring works as intended. The events are so tightly contested that a handful of points or a few seconds can make all the difference, so I want to make sure player are rewarded fairly.

@Petri @mhalttu please give us any comments

Thanks for the report! The event time score is based on the server clock to prevent cheating. It may slightly differ from the timer shown in your game. I hope this helps!

This is not relevant to the presumed bug, but if you’re trying to figure out the time scoring you may take advantage of the work this guy had already done Challenge Scoring Observations.

Great, I’m happy as long as it’s working as intended.

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You can see the formula for time in the thread already referenced. I did notice the same phenomenon you pointed out here and now we know the source of the wobble. Unless we get the server time a more accurate formula will be difficult to do

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