Event Time Bonus Change

Now that the 0 damage bug is fixed, does anyone know for a fact how they changed the time bonus? It feels to me like it is less sensitive, giving lower scores for very fast runs, but not losing as many points for drawn out runs.

For example: I was running the first level of beginner to improve my score: on one run I finished it in 58 seconds with a few large combos and received ~28,017 points. On the next run I finished it in 42 seconds with fewer combos and received ~27,070 points. I felt like the second was a much better run because it was fast and clean without much wasted damage, but the first got many more points because of some gratuitous combos at the end of the first too levels. I wish I had taken video or screenshots of the point breakdowns to show. Thoughts?

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My thought are the developers should be providing the total possible points u are able to score in a run…so u finish between 50-60 seconds u get max points to time bonus and go down as time gets longer…total possible damage u can get for each level and on thru all the bonus features…it makes no sense how the scoring is made up… u want clear and precise totals for this so we can figure if that was a good run or a shifty one…come on debs I know u read this shot and do something…the events are no fun when the top 5 players always win because I don’t know which levels I can do better on and which one I think I did good in…

In conclusion all I want is the TOTAL POSIBLE POINTS FOR EACH LEVEL IF I HAD A PERFECT RUN. That’s all I want until this happens events are a waste of my time and energy…come on small giant answer some ■■■■■■■ questions already. Before u lose more people to a game that gives barely any new content for over a year. Same boring events same guys always wining them…sick of the same old ■■■■.

3 days later…

I want the total score possible AND what various things I can do for a good score; effectively, the damage calculation. And they’re never going to give that. :wink:

The improvements you can do on the first level is really very limited. It’s on the later stages you can really beef up your score.

And yes, time bonus was successfully fixed. I ran through beginner before it was fixed, and then one again after the fix. I jumped from a position in the 40K-range after the first run to the 3K-range.

This is why I gave up even trying in events anymore…all they lead to are frustration…give me my completion loot and my flasks and I’ll be happy. Plenty of other things to focus on in this game

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