Event theme idea

I was thingking about a new theme event. What about Neverland, with hero’s Peter Pan, Capitain Hook, Tiger Lily, Thinkerbell and Wendy.
It looks fun to me :slight_smile:


Interesting and fun to make a topic about this :slightly_smiling_face:
Peter Pan theme looks to me a little too childish, and we already had a pirate event.

We need a green reflected and fire reflected…
How about Robin Hood (we already have Little John and Friar Tuck :yum: ) and something Dante’s inferno related?


Nice ideas and topic, thank you! There’ll be definitely new Challenge Events in the future, I can’t yet share more information but we’ll let you know more once we can. :wink: In the meantime, please do keep the suggestions coming!


Or Alice in wonderland. With the White Queen, the Mad Hatter, Jabberwock, Red Queen, Cheshire Cat etc. More than enough Hero like persons there.


I assume that Hollywood has the rights to the gods of Northern myths, so I won‘t suggest Asgard as a possible event theme. :wink:
But what about more Celtic mythology?
Or Greek/Roman mythology? You have already touched on these with Hel, Athena and the Gorgon.
The Gilgamesh epos also could be interesting.
But I also like the suggestion above regarding Robin Hood.


Oops. Hel is a Nordish goddess, of course. My bad.

Peter Pan is a potential copyright minefield with it apparently not being out of original copyright in some countries, but Norse myth would probably just require making sure to avoid copying or even resembling the Marvel comics/movies interpretations, which aren’t all that accurate to the original legends themselves.
I’d find it interesting and potentially educational to see something based on the Kalevala as a source.

Good point. Norse myth is also nice idea, with Freya and Loki.

Why not valkyrie theme?
Only Avalon event has original character reference from the tale, while the other two has brand new heroes SG made.

Something like 5 different valkyrie :star_struck:
Or 4 valkyrie and Odin, but i would like this time the main hero be a girl.


Or we could use the idea of the movie Rise of Guardians…
Santa Claus (fire), Easter Bunny (nature), Sandman (holy), Tooth Fairy (dark) and Jack Frost (ice)!

We could do a Grimm’s fairy tale episode:

Snow White (blue)
Little Red Riding Hood (red, duh)
The Frog Prince (green)
The Pied Piper (purple)
Rapunzel (yellow)

Mother Goose:

Little Boy Blue
Baa Baa Black Sheep (purple)
Georgie Porgie (red)
The Cat and the Fiddle (yellow)
Itsy Bitsy Spider (green)


How about the Musketeers?


here’s a few I came up with

Gladiators - roman style

Arabian nights - sinbad the sailor (blue), Scheherazade (yellow), Jafar (purple), aladdin (red), ali baba (red) (note: these are from 1000 and 1 nights, so no disney copywrite infringement)

Vikings - scout, berserker, skald, thane, shield-maiden

Dragonkind (half-dragon, think Krynn’s draconians)

Feudal Japan - Samurai (yellow), ninja (purple), sorcerer (blue), warlord (red), ronin (Green)

Mystics - red battlemage, purple warlock, yellow healer, blue seer, green druid


I think an Egyptian theme is needed. Kinda already touched on by the whole Thoth-Amun thing. Thoth was an egyptian god, so where’s Ra, Horus, Anubis, etc. I could see some potential there.


I think the guardians event have its heroes already based on egypt just by looking At the designs of jackal and panther

Really? I get a lot more jungle theme from gaurdians. Kong doesn’t seem like Egypt to me. More King Kong. They definitely aren’t ancient Egyptians. That said, Hindu gods are another valid option. Shiva, Ganesha, Vishnu, Krishna, Rudra. There’s a lot of fun character possibilities.

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The guardians are Maya/Aztec god designs.

Wow! I think it would be cool if to make the theme assassins or wars(not star :sweat_smile: )
Sorry my language :slight_smile:

It may be so, but Jackal it’s a clear reference of egyptian gods, and maybe even Falcon.

Too similar to do an egyptian theme.

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Kong, an ape reference, and the Jackal are both old world and African animals. The other three are potentially both old and new world fauna. Given the names and styles, I’d guess Teltoc is a Mysterious Jungle theme, drawing on both Egyptian and South or Central American elements.

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