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I botched the creation of this topic and posted only half of the text the first time, since the edits, pasting the remaining text, sorry

I want to share my idea for dealing with duplicate heroes in a way that might be satisfactory for both the players and SGG (which seems impossible and it might be). The topic will consist of 2 things, first the presentation of the problems and second the idea itseld (I’ll add a TL;DR notation at the end of the first section for those who want to skip).

Summary of the problem and current solutions

Bringing up the main problem: pulling “useless” 5* heroes that only take up roster space, but are rare enough to keep because getting a 5* in itself is quite a lucky thing. However players aren’t keen on leveling classic 5* duplicates, because they are outshadowed by new additions.

SGG has made a few new features to “deal” with the problem, though it isn’t a real solution, more like a reason for players to level up duplicates, also creating new summon portals for more income.

The solutions so far, with their “flaws” (flaws perceived from the player perspective, but being valid designs from the developers to keep the system under control in the aspects of time/money investment and returns):

  • Tavern of legends: each hero usable only once, promoting deeper benches to “deal with” (keep, level and use) duplicates
  • Ninja tower: element of Oni curses added, which renders heroes unusable, same solution for duplicates as Tavern

The rewards for these events are coins for which you can get more powerful than vanilla (classic) 5* heroes. The solution is based on the desire of the players to complete the events and summon for the coins. In practice this is not a real solution, just giving a reason to do something with duplicates. Most players won’t get shiny heroes from these without heavy spending.

  • Mythic Titans: the most recent addition, heroes get bonus on first use and battle fatigue on further uses, decreasing their power

The rewards are similar to raid tournaments, I don’t want to elaborate on this aspect or the whole event. Not really rewarding for most players OR alliances (this might change in the future, I hope). The main motivation for broadening your roster is competition for higher ranking.

  • Hero academy: the long awaited savior, you can retrain your 5* heroes into other 5* heroes (including old HOTM and some event heroes)

The problem is accessibility, you have to basically fully build your stronghold and storages, also it has a pretty long research and training time with slim chance for rewards.

There should be a solution where both players and SGG bet satisfied, so players want new heroes for their old and dusty heroes (without RNG if possible), and SGG wants to create a high time/money investment for new heroes to keep the income high.

The wheel of fortune would be a basic event, 10 stages, no hero disabling mechanics for easy accessibility, and handing out 10 coins in total.

The coins could be used to spin the wheel of fortune and convert your hero into a different hero. The rules would be te following:

  • Always same rarity hero is the outcome, the cost for spinning is 10 coins for 5*, 5 coins for 4* and 3 coins for 3* heroes

  • You can use leveled and ascended heroes in the wheel of fortune, the rewards depend on the ascension of your hero

The rewards for different ascension levels:

  • No ascension (1st level) - classic hero
  • First ascension (2nd level) - classic hero
  • Second ascension (3rd level) - s2 / old HOTM
  • Third ascension (4th level) - event hero / S3

With this, you can only get “good” heroes with giving up fully ascended heroes. The ascension materials will generate a high investment cost, which satisfies SGG’s part of the deal, meaning you can’t just roll all your heroes into new ones, and the reroll tokens are also limited by the event. The players would be also satisfied because their old and dusty heroes who are ascended but not used get rerolled into something which will be most likely better.

Come on, man, this is SGG - it’s gotta be the “Wheel of Misfortune”.

  1. Spin the wheel, get another dupe.
  2. Spin the wheel, get another dupe.
  3. Spin the wheel, get another dupe.

Rinse, wipe hands on pants, repeat.


I second that. This wheel of misfortune is like training obakan to thorne to obakan again in ha 10 :grin:

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