Event teams & hero classes advice

Hello i would like to ask for some advice on event teams @Dator @Uclapack @Xero786 @Anchor @Wharflord
You all have a lot of experience competing and if you could give me some assistance i would appreciate!
Events are what i enjoy the most, they have proved to be the greatest challenge, i can wait 2 months and stack on items and flasks and compete for the events without spending for items.
I have placed 12th twice and last event i reached the 800k plateau but was 2k short and finished 11th.
I am still working on my event squads and so far my strongest colors are purple and green, so i can compete on Guardians and Avalon.

Using the idea @Uclapack outlined, with a team full of hitters what combination will be the best?

Kage, Kage (3 tabbards), Khiona, Panther
(Victor, Tiburtus, Gafar)

Evelyn, Buddy, Lianna, Zeline
(i can max a second Lianna or Zeline, or Gregorion, got 6 tonics)

So for purple i figure maxing the second kage, and then who? Tiburtus for the defense buff added?

For the green team i think a second Lianna would be insane damage for bosses and great for finishing a corner monster at first stage + she is fast.
I figured a second Zeline would be awesome for defense, war etc… but a second Lianna is much more valuable for the event.

Another idea i have is in leveling the hero classes for Kage, Khiona and Panther, that way they also get the boost for the event. I am divided in Barbarian class to either level Grave or Kage, but Kage + company leveled can do some difference on events in the future.

This is what i have in mind, please feel free to give me some feedback, thank you for your support & thank you all for posting these videos on youtube, they were of great help! Keep gaming!

Hey Lunx, you’ve been so close to top ten and it’s crazy that 800k did not get you there. For purple i use panther, tiburtus, khiona, sartana, sargasso but now that i have kage ascended i would probably use him in place of sartana. For green i use evelyn, buddy, greg, lianna and sometimes a 4* (caed or hansel) or locke depending on if i want tile damage or a snipe. I really dislike using zeline in events because her animation takes a long time and she doesn’t do much damage. If you are focusing on events i would go greg no question. His crit is amazing, snipes, and his animation doesn’t take forever.

Colors really depend on the event. If the new one is next it is green reflect and your main teams are going to be red and blue. If fables mainly blue with a couple green, yellow, purple. I can always share my notes for whichever event you want to try for. I also have some screenshots of scores to shoot for :slight_smile: Good luck!


@ UCLA can you send me those pictures too I’m getting them for a friend

And do you got a monster chart that will be useful too

Event mob charts are here:


I have a list of colors to bring for each level for each event but yea I also have a monster list for all but the new one. If you have line i can send them to you. Search uclapack. That might be easier not knowing what all you want.

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@Kerridoc beat me lol. Thanks for being so helpful! :slight_smile:

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I will send you a message through line when i get ready for the event.
Thanks a lot!

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I messaged you on line