Event team strategy

In the last big quest event, I noticed the top players in the beginner category were using teams consisting of 3 blue and 2 green heros.

The basic question is this: what is the best build strategy for the large events (basic,intermediate,advanced) and what items are the most helpfull.

Second, how are points determined? Is time bonus of equal importance as health bonus, what determines matchup bonus, etc

Boggled my mind that the #2 team was using unleveled troops.


Teams: Color stacking, attack buff and defense debuff are the keys, pretty much the same as with titans. Wu is king is epic and legendary. In rare it’s brienne+fast hitters.

Items: Usually attack items work the best. If you see a good board forming up, you can quickly kill the last little enemies to get to bosses. Also mana is good to make sure you hwve your buffs up at critical moments.

Points: Speed is key, and large combos. Matchup bonus depends on the amount of your combos. Of coursd health is also somewhat important, but if you go hard and fast you don’t lose much hp either :wink: This being said it’s usually good to bring one healer and use the heal before you finish.


It’s about having a good variety of heroes for each situation. Last event, Grimmforest had red reflect and a red mobs at each stage so blue heroes are very essential. Ulmer, Valen and Karil are good choices here, some essential heroes are like Wukong, Brienne, Boldtusk/Kiril, defense debuffers. It’s important to have a big roster or even multiples of a good hero. AoE heroes also have their places.

The events also consume A LOT of resources. Mainly Arrows, Axes, Bombs, Dragon Attacks, Mana Potions (small/medium/large), Tornadoes, and Time Stops. The basic premise is to go for speed and big combos/cascades. You can do this by either setting off a good board in the first wave allowing your heroes to gain full mana, nuking the 2nd wave with direct damage items (arrows, axes, bombs, dragon attacks) and then using your hero specials on bosses as well as your leftover items or even using mana to hit them again. You can do this in any order actually as long as you get off some combos/cascades.

You CAN NOT just nuke all 3 waves with mana pots and direct damage items. All of this while trying to get as fast a speed as possible, good rule of thumb is less than 1 minute is pretty great. Then the more health your heroes have at the end the higher the health bonus too. Troops help but they are not the be all end all.

Brienne+Spirit Link (Kailani/Gunnar) makes for crazy attack bonuses, especially if a boss targets you with a hit-all attack. Each hero gets +20 attack for each hit, and a hit-all gets re-distributed so each hero is hit 5 times, adding +100% each time you get hit like that.

If you are playing for the competitive prizes, yes. If you are only playing for the completion prize, you don’t need to be fast at all, and big combos only good for the damage they do.

I’ve got Delilah, and I love to take the mob levels slowly, not killing the last monster ghosting as many tiles as I can so I get to the boss level with 2-3 minions stacked up in front of everybody, along with all my heroes (except Delilah usually) at full mana so I can hit hard. (If I’d been lucky enough to pull Red Hood, I’d do the same with her foxes)

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To add - speed is kind of key but he combos make the big difference. It used to be CRITICAL but they nerfed the speed points several updates ago (and publicized it).

They can go hand in hand (big combos smash mobs and bosses quickly = massive points) but I’ve gotten huge scores with massive combos and only so-so speed.

Brienne + Spirit link can work wonders and get huge attack bonuses, however takes way too long to ramp up. You need to charge an average and slow mana special, cast them at the same time, then get hit a bunch to make it work. Additionally, you want to run a healer as well to get the full health bonus since getting hit is part of the strategy. This means you’ll be sacrificing much of your time bonus to make it work, so isn’t going to give you amazing scores, but may make completion easier.


Good to know. So far, I’ve just been playing for completion bonuses.

Fables Rare, I managed to finish at rank 47~49k, and got a prize better than a daily feeder token. My first ever finish above the bottom tier!

If I can do that well, maybe I should try a little harder in Guardians Rare :slight_smile: I’ll leave the spirit spirit link at home…

I agree with most of what’s already been said. Color stacking, speed, and big combos are vital to getting high scores. As a rule of thumb, I double the strong colors vs. both minion colors, then triple one of those or add a new color based on the boss color. I also always bring one healer, and almost always bring Brienne in rare or Wu Kong in Epic or Advanced. I run each level multiple times in a row till I get a great board, rather than moving onto the next level. Lastly, I always arrange my heroes and items in the same order so I can cast them faster and more instinctively. I always put my single target hitters on the left, any AoE in the center, my healer on the far right, and my Brienne/Wu Kong center-right. This streamlines my play so I don’t need to think about which heroes I put where, saving me a few seconds every run.


Great tips, guys! Can’t wait to try them out during the next rare event!