Event summons — giving regular heroes


I just did an event summons for. For the current event. Last summons I got I received 3 sets of triplets. On this event I got another Valen. A 3* hero. What is up with this. He is available on the daily summons. Why did I get him on a event summons? The event with animal hero’s. You guys really need to fix this issue. No reason a hero available in the daily summons is available for event summons. Please fix this and take Valen back and give me a free summons for the event summons.


Normal three star heroes are always available in the event summons and they also have a higher percentage of being summoned. If you truly want one of the event heroes you need to break out the wallet.


You can get lucky with the event summons. I’d be a bit unhappy if someone took Marjana away from me because I got her from today’s event summon instead of the regular one for example. Though I admit I really would have loved the Panther.


Yeah im unhappy that event summons odds of are low for 5*. Much less to get panther. Most games with $500 to 600 you can buy quality content but not this one. Just lots of repetitive 3* and 4* cards that aren’t even event heroes for the event summon.


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Yeah, this is super annoying. I’m in the same boat. Managed to scramble enough gems for three summons and I got 3 3*'s I already had. Two of the same one! -______-


That is my complaint as well. I saved gems up for 2 summons this go around and it gave me two 3 star heroes, ones I already have. Was a waste.


Yes I agree with all the above and the problem of attaining good heroes! What’s more is I am finding the same heroes spawn time and time again! Especially when you need a 5* hero of a different class. So far I must have had 5/6 thornes spawn. Nothing wrong with the hero but why the same one time and time again??? Along with this is my all time complaint that when summoning legendary heroes you get more three star than anything else. Due to the cost and waiting time this should be a minimum of four star heroes!!! It would at least give you a chance to get some extra heroes, but then there is always the problem of leveling up when you can’t never get the right Ascension materials!!! I’m sure there are plenty of other experiencing the same issues!!!