Event summons: complete nonsense

I broke down and spent money. I bought gems to participate in the event summons… Four summons rendered Bane and one Valen? Really game developers? Do you hate us THAT much? Now I know… Money is worthless in this game, and so are the cruel developers. Any other disgruntled players out there? …still love the game, though…

Did you look at the odds before you summoned?


Oh, I know odds are odds. But Bane and Valen are your EVERYDAY summons. The event summons should be at least a bit more obscure and generous.

I’m skipping your class. Complete ns.

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There are plenty of disgruntled players. The bottom line is you’re gambling with summons, and gambling rarely favors the gambler.


You really want to make some loyal gamers upset. I tell you what you do have them save gems forever or spend money on getting them for an event summons. 10 summons for 2600 gems sounds like your getting a 400 gem deal. Till you do the deal and get 9 3 star regular heroes which come out of training camps in 2 minutes. And one 4 star which also is a regular training camp hero . Not one event hero . Event summons ought to be called Event Shams where you get regulars instead of event heroes. I have been nothing but nice and complimentary on here. You have created a huge critic and enemy. I know it’s a gamble but seriously coming away with nothing. Come on.

Sorry to hear of your bad luck.

I still dont understand why people come here, say they know summoning is a gamble and then complain if they loose at this gamble!

Wish you a lot of luck with the game…….especially with TC13 and TC20. :smile:


Can you point me to the camp that churns out 3 star regular heroes in 2 minutes please?


Fast and extra fast TC’s give out those sometimes. Definitely better chance than getting 5star event heroes on a 10 event summons purchase.

No. Fast and extra fast only give 1* heroes. Not even 2*


never had that experience ever. are you sure?

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The fastest a TC will turn out a 3* is 1 day.

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And that’s just for a chance at a 3*. The fastest guaranteed 3*+ is two days.


Never have expectations in this game. You spend money for a chance to get something good. You can spend a lot of money and get nothing. It’s a casino :smiley:

Chances are chances… I have been saving gems in my two accounts in order to get Ginebre.
In my main account, 3 invocations with gems and 3 with tokens for Margaret… Because i have 21 5* heroes but no one green… Result. Nothing.

My “small” account. 600 gems and 1 coin… With the 600 gems i got King Arthur… And with one token Gunnar and Margaret… (in this account i have 3 5* Green heroes…)

Chances are chances… In this ocassion, i think i will never be luckier…