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Hello guys, I’m new to this game. Is there any requirement for me to be able to do the Event Summons? (Valhalla etc). Like do I need to reach a certain base level and stronghold level to do the summoning event


No. All you need to have is a CC linked to your device to pay for your purchases.

Do read up on the odds.

Spend within your budget.

Good luck!

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Just selling your soul for an event 5*, other that that no requirements… Just look at the odds and spend analysis on new heroes and remember this is a 4 year old game… Don’t go crazy chasing and regret.

Specifics summons coming during the event. vahalla will come during vahalla forever on the calendar, so if you want a certain summon see when that is on the calendar. Seasonal, ninja, magic, alliance quest, events are less frequent cause they rotate.


you will need to wait until the next event starts…
January 2022 TENTATIVE Calendar (Events: Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Clash Of Knights, League Of Villains, The Masquerade, Atlantis Rises, Valhalla Forever, S4: Voyagers Of The Underwild, and Mythic Titan) - Player Guides - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum (smallgiantgames.com)

There will be a new one each month :slight_smile:


gems and MONEY.

but before you go crazy over this, know that there are monthly events and seasonal events. so pay attention to that (by viewing the monthly calendar) and if you are willing to pay, pick your events based on what you need.
if you are aiming for a specific hero, the chances of actually pulling that hero are slim. the odds arent in our favor here.

for example i spent about 25 epic hero tokens and thousands on gems aiming to pull krampus and i got squat, like 2 3* event heroes, everything else was food

just keep a level head about this and know your odds before you go for it

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I think you can do summons regardless of your player level, but as far as I remember maybe some Events are locked for you from playing (and earn free tokens, coins for pull) unless your player level is on or above level 15 or 20 maybe.
But I might remember incorretly.

Also maybe the ability to use costumes is also tied to the same level.


My teeny account cannot do Costume chamber quest ( all quests require level 10+ ) and cannot do Costume chamber summons ( costume summons requires level 18+ )

Valhalla ( edit )

Teeniest account is Level 2, Stronghold 12, and it can do the Valhalla summons ( just summoned Kvasir!! )



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