Event Summon / Vamps

So - as stated in the patch notes - vampires are going to be available using summoning tokens.

Does it also mean they will be added to the “ordinary summoning pool” for the remainder of the event?
Does that - in consequence - mean that they will also be obtainable in atlantis summon?

Or are they going to be restricted to the “event summon”?

Any info on that?

they’ll be in Epic summon like other quest heros have been before

But restricted to epic summon? Or also accessible within Atlantis summons?

Not sure whether to burn my gems when event starts or to wait for Atlantis.

just in epic summons, you either pulls for the event, atlantis or split your pulls between them, but you won’t get the event heroes on the atlantis portal

idk what your roster looks like. But you will most likely be better off with atlantis pulls. there will be a lot more choices of useful heros there than there will for epic.

Vampires will make up 3/69 heros in Epic summons. there are 2 past hotms and 2 atlantis 5* avaliable through atlantis and then if you want to count season 2 heros you dont have, atlantis is by far wiser choice in my opinion

If you were to chase the vampires, you could be looking at dropping some major amounts of summons just to chase a hero that’s mediocre compared to past hotm and new atlantis 5*, current hotm and next months hotm

Just another money grab quest before the end of the fiscal year like the winter one will be as well. Snag the special offers if they are of good value(be sure and analyze it, just buying whatever they put in front of you will just encourage them to continue to throw packages together that give you less bang for your buck).

Finland’s fiscal year is a normal calendar year so we’ll see a lot of cash grabs thrown at us in the next couple months.

Don’t forget devs have increased the odds for season 2 heros in Atlantis as well. There is no odds increase for vampires. Spend wisely


so it will be a hard choice…

350 gems for atlantis heroes and the rest


300 gems for 3 new heroes (3*, 4*,5*) and the rest…

hard choice indeed :smiley: :slight_smile:

i guess the legos % drop rate will be a key factor to choose upon 1 of them :stuck_out_tongue:

Please correct me if I am wrong (seriously) but the Vampire pulls will stretch to beginning I’ve Nov giving you some shots at HOTM for Nov?

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I am going to say yes since it is a 2 week event. But that is just a guess.

I have 6 tokens waiting. Gona use them… lets see if i’m lucky. If not, then perhaps i’ll make a 10x pull hoping that i’ll catch atleast one vampire. Doesn’t really matter which one. I already like 'em all…


Thanks for the feedback, everyone <3

I think I am going to wait till Nov to pull for Vamps due to HOTM change. I already got 3 Ageir and got 6 Khiona last time. I know I will do at least 30 Atlantis pulls trying to get new and returning 5*s

I’d like to jump over golden gate bridge than spending 350 gems and :boom: Bane.
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: