Event summon glitching?

Is there an issue with the event summon? 5 of us in my alliance have been doing 10 pulls and we haven’t gotten any wonderland heros

I made 10 separete pulls and nothing too

This is not a glitch or a bug. Chances for Event heroes are pretty low.


Only 1% chance for event 5* hero


Someone in my alliance got Alice, Mad Hatter and the cat in one ten pull so it’s not a glitch it’s just the rng


Ok was just curious I’ve never seen the summon be so stingey thought maybe since wonderland got thrown in last minute

Usually I’m pretty lucky at these event draws. I’ve done 40 Draws and not a single Wonderland Hero

Luck works like that. I’ve had a 10-pull with two event 5* in it, and had a 362 pull Atlantis run with no featured heroes.

6.7% is not an incredibly high probability, and there’s a lot of variation in possible outcomes at the 40 pull level:

Wonderland Heroes Probability One-in-x
0 6.24% 16.0
1 17.93% 5.6
2 25.10% 4.0
3 22.84% 4.4
4 15.17% 6.6
5 7.84% 12.8
6 3.29% 30.4
7 1.15% 87.3
8 0.34% 294.6
9 0.09% 1153.8
10 0.02% 5183.0
11 0.00% 26464.2
12 0.00% 152492.7

The most probable outcome would be two heroes, but even that doesn’t happen super often. No Wonderland heroes in 40 pulls would be expected to happen to 1 of every 16 people who do 40 pulls. So not that uncommon.

Summoning is intrinsically pretty risky, and you can spend a ton and get nothing. That’s why it’s important to set a budget whereby you won’t feel really bad if you don’t get the heroes you want for the amount you spent.

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