Event. Summon 7x10



Enjoy 3* feeding!! Lol, waste of money


Almost got her. Almost.



Lots of 4* (including some great ones), Arthur, Natalya, Marjana and maybe I saw Lancelot but a few ran by real fast - seems decent to me.


Makes me not feel bad at all for not scoring a good one at 300 a pop. I don’t just have the budget to buy that many coins.

And, yes, @sleeperZ96BT, Lancelot was in one of those summon batches.

Edit - mistake. I mistook King Arthur for Lancelot and am too lazy to watch the video again. :wink:


Thanks for sharing!
Congrats on Arthur. :upside_down_face:


For that many rolls? I don’t know. Also seems like the person wanted Guin.


Lancelot was not. Of the 5* was Maryana, Arthur and Natasha. Arthur was needed


Yes event pulling is a sucker game. Don’t spend money on that unless you can whip out 4 figures without it mattering…


OTOH, the chances for regular 4* heroes seem high. At least 30%.


you look at my other videos, especially 5x10


Indeed drop rates are terrible on this event summon i spent 80k of gems on summons and got 1 /* event hero 12 Lancelot, 3 merlin and not only that they put the price of gems up before event which is the last straw for me no more money for SG from me you have successfully @#$& me off well done


1x5* hero was arthur sorry for the typo


IF you spent 80k gems you need to get off this game ASAP


Different people spend different amounts. I wish I had enough for 1 x10. Waaah :grin:


Lol, that would nearly cover my monthly mortgage and car payments!

But others may well not have my same financial limitations. TBH, I’m glad there are big spenders so the dev people can eat, live, and create new game content. No way the game would survive from the paltry amount I’ve spent thus far.


Just did two 10x event summon attempts and I got all 3* except 1 Rigard, Melendor and Skitteskull…

My advice: Don´t spend money on Event Summoning!


With 80k gems you can just skip to tc 20 and eventually get 5 stars

If you’re there already why even spend, if you’re not there you probably don’t have the ascension materials anyways, it’s a loss / loss imo

I personally don’t like the 5 stars in this event anyways


I just made 2 x10 pulls and thr best I got was 1 Magni, 1 Rigard, 1 Sonya, 1 Merlin and 2 Scarlett
Ali the rest was 3*


Those are pretty good 4* heroes, but not sure if you necessarily needed them. Dat Magni doe… :heart_eyes: