Event score

There’s something i really don’t understand sometimes.
Got many times a less score even if i complete the stage more fast and with more health. So i check the voices of the score, and see i got minus point in the “gameplay” bonus.

How is that composed?
Combos? Quantity of strong gems?

I am not sure either, I do have the idea my score improves when I had a few good combo’s, so I do think that is a factor.

It happen again, this time very flashy.
I really like to have an answer about that, cause now i really don’t understand anything.

Is there some malus to not use a rainbow team? Or using gems that are not associated to a hero?
Or using too much items?

Elpis, have you done it:

  • once with lots of combos and once not?
  • once with lots of heroes firing, once not?

Uh, didn’t think about shoot many specials may increase the score.
You tried?

I always shoot as many specials as possible, taking blue potion along to increase the specials I get. “Heroes firing” refers to this.

Sorry, I kinda assume people do that. :astonished: :wink:

EDIT: I don’t think a rainbow vs not rainbow team should matter, though WHICH heroes used might (LiXiu is not going to hit as hard as Joon, and a healer/debuffer may not hit hard, but their power might make it possible for the rest of my team to really slam it home. Etc etc