Event schedule fairness, please

Those elections are held at the state-level, and thus works fine. Not the same as 24 different time zones all competing towards one final event score.

For an international game that seems to be a bad idea. I take it that we’re only talking about events. However, the fact of the matter is that timezones are always an issue when it comes to titans and wars. Titans at least shift by an hour each day, but wars are fixed.

Maybe you expect that people don’t travel, but I will make some odd trips overseas and I imagine that would really mess up the timing. Do events use the timing that I had previously? Or the new timing?

Neither, use the duration of the event, not a fixed end-time.


Works for me in New Zealand, an oft forgotten timezone.

I didn’t complain when it was at o’Christ hundred hours.

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You probably weren’t paying attention as it’s not noon for you any longer.

Is the time zone done more to fit into sgg Finland working hours? As if somthing is wrong they can sort it. As if an event starts and somthing is wrong like that time atlantis wasn’t working properly, if atlantis started early that time the problem may of took longer to sort out as pertri is zzzz. sure there as bat phone if somthing isnt going to plan but it’s just easier for staff if they are there when events start.

Well, an alternating end wouldn’t make it fair, let’s just say the event ends at 10pm on every timezone. So in this case the far west timezones have the big advantage that all others have already finished their events.

Therefore, the big question is to find a time that is good for everybody (or at least 80% of the player) and that is definitely not Monday morning!

If UTC-5 gets 72 hours to compete, and UTC -10 gets 72 hours to compete, how does it matter that one can see the other’s final score?

During the 24 hour event warning, you would pick your finishing time zone, which would also be your starting time zone.

You know how hard/ how much effort to put in…?
When people reach their desired reward tier they stop redoing stages as further attempts just wastes world energy and battle items…

The part that’s relevant is that it’s during the day

I hear what you’re saying but for the events that are timed, you need to score a certain amount to get in the top on the leaderboard. And so if you’re competing against other people and the event ends in the middle of the night you can get pushed out of the rankings. Agreed, Sand Empire it doesn’t matter, but for Avalon it does.

But it’s not. It currently ends at midnight PDT. It used to end at noon. Maybe I’m not sure what you were trying to say in your first post, but to me it sounded like you were saying that events end in the middle of the day in CA.

My point really had nothing to do with when these events in the California. It really doesn’t matter at all. I was only commenting that it makes sense to stagger them. Based on the first persons comment. That’s all. I didn’t know, and I don’t really care for myself anyway because I don’t play them competitively at all anymore. But some people do and it does make sense to stagger them.

Gotcha. Sorry for being difficult. And actually I’m in the same boat. I’m not competing so I like having the whole day Sunday to finish up one of the difficulties instead of having to rush it all in during the week. When it ends doesn’t really matter to me, but for the sake of competition, I agree, a rolling schedule would be more fair.

I am in Thailand, playing from far east Asia.
Am I having problem with monthly challenge ends at 2 am my time? “NO”
Everyone has the same amount of time with the same problem that all players have to manage.


Ive played this game for close to 3 years now and now find im losing interest in events and tournaments as they always finish in the middle of the night for Europe. The game claims to be international, however always finishing at same time is only catering for a single time zone

Why cant we have a rotating finish time which varies say 6 hrs each event. That way it is fairer for all players across the world timezones. As everyone will get a chance to compete in some of the events till the end

This has been suggested in the past. The most compelling argument against it that I saw was that with the current way beginning of events coincide with SG staff starting their day in the office so they can quickly react to any bugs or issues reported.

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I think start time is never an issue for anyone. The real issue is end time for players competing. If events end time rotated by say 4 to 6 hrs each event it would mean everyone can compete some of the time for events. At the moment noone in europe can compete to end for places, which is demoralising and frustrating, especially as many of us spend good money to play too. It needs to change to be fairer for all timezones. Its not difficult, just schedule different end times and people will be happier worldwide

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