Event schedule fairness, please

SG, can you please take a look at alternating end schedule on events so it’s more fair to everyone, no matter what time zone they are in. With the new event schedule, the EU gets the shaft for the event finishing early morning for GMT(+1).

Everyone that pushes events know that the last few hours can be crucial to success with last minute(hours) pushes.

You can’t please all time zones on every event, but at least make it fair by alternating end schedule or set a more balanced end point.



Agreed. Not easy for my time zone either, finishing at 3AM on a Monday morning. Arguably, it wasn’t great for other time zones, but the previous schedule was at least good for all of North and South America and Europe.

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At least it is good for most players in Asia. Keep it up, SG

Agree, 3 am ET is aweful finish time.

Please consider:
12 pm noon Eastern Time North America on a Sunday.
9 am Pacific Time
Around 5-6pm in Europe.
Around 11pm in Asia.

As mentioned, the end time is critical to ensuring the maximum number of people who can play at the end, which as mentioned by the original poster is what is best for the game and SG’s financial bottom line.


I agree 20 times or maybe even more.

Edit: what time does it finish in China now? Makes you wonder (but not enough to check it myself :rofl:)

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It’s a reasonable request, but unlikely to happen. They are actually trying to normalize their schedules, hence the shift.

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Agreed. I’m in California so it’s noon my time but it doesn’t seem fair to people on the other side of the world.

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Too bad it’s not normal to give certain time zones a big handicap each time an event runs. Let’s hope they take a look at it.

Not only that, but why are three events all ending at the same time? Sand Empire, Avalon, and Trials all end together. WTF SG? Why cram the schedule?

This more than anything is what’s likely to drive me away.


Haven’t there been 14 days to complete Sand Empire? Is that really overly concerning that it ends when it does?

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I try not to play more than a couple hours a day (used to be able to limit it to just one, which was great). So no, I hadn’t finished Sand Empire early. And now I have already played double those 2 hours today and decided I’m just not finishing Avalon at all.

I already skip most of the regular quests as it is. Now I am skipping rarer quests as well? For me – too much content. Sure, I can just skip what I don’t have time for but that’s not the point of playing the game for me. And it is starting to take up too much of my time. If I have to skip half the game then I doubt I’ll be playing it very much longer.


To be honest I still not understand why schedule was changed at all?!?
It was good over a long time… I guess, that ppl can buy more World energy refill is one of the reasons?
Whatever… normally I don’t like and don’t care about this p2w Events, I get my 4*item from rare top 1000 and I’m happy if it is over.
BUT I agree, the schedule is not fair and have to be changed, that it is fair for all

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The end timing is not an issue really. You have the same waking time in a 24 hour period regardless of when it starts and ends. My issue is three events running simultaneously, regardless of whether one is a 14-day event. The Trials could have been delayed a day. Just very poor scheduling.


Trials are every Sunday and Wednesday. They never change…

Remember the mystic titans and the ninja event are coming. I wouldn’t be surprised to see if all end/start at the same time, just different days.

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With more events added it’s even more important for SG to have a look at this, so certain time zones don’t get the short end of the stick every time. I’m gonna pursue this whenever and wherever it’s relevant to do so in hopes that we can have this looked at.

Question: Why is this a problem now?

Reason for question:
Previously all Challenge Events finished at 0400 in the morning my timezone… Worse for some other time-zones and better for others… But it wasn’t a problem previously…

It’s the nature of Time-zones. Someone will always get shafted. Someone will always have a different timezone which isn’t convenient.

I’m all for alternating start & end times of events… In fact I have raised it previously on the forum (with no backing/ support I might add).

It’s just slightly ironic that it needs to be “unfair for me” before anyone bothers/ wants to do anything about it… The “Fairness Paradigm” as I like to think of it…

“It’s not fair unless it is fair for me”


Time zones

I disagree.

This is only true of live events held in a single location ( last match of the World Cup, Super Bowl, Daytona 500 etc. ).

Or unique, one of a kind, specimen auctions.

Guess which one SGG chose as a model for many of these events.

Virtual worlds

I would prefer rolling events.

Event starts Thursday when programmers in office but does not start in the next time zone until the same time.

Starts 11A in Helsinki, starts at 11A in each time zone.

Ends at 11A in Helsinki, ends at 11A in each time zone.

USA Presidential elections do this all the time.

There is no technical difficulties - see any Niantic game - and it would give everyone an equal chance.

It still doesn’t stop the unfair bias to those who finish the event later… Cause they get “more time” to push the leaderboard… Because the time-zone that finishes last has all other scores / leaderboards locked in… so they get (effectively) more time at the final targets.

Hence why it has to be a live event, finishing at the same time for every person…

The only way I can (currently) think of getting around this would be to hide the leaderboard. But seeing as that would require quite an overhaul to the event structure I can’t honestly see it happening…


Great! We support each other then, I’m in. Alternating the end point would be most fair to everyone.

I haven’t reflected around this being an issue before, because it wasn’t… for me, nor any of my 150 alliance members that I talk to every day, since we’re EU. Neither have I ever read any topics nor heard any complaints about this earlier. I am not the most active member of this forum though, truth be told.

Anyway, it’s totally natural to not realize every aspect of the game, or RL things for that matter if it doesn’t involve/affect you. You may not like it, but it is what it is.

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