Event Rollout - Reflect Green & NEW DIFFICULTY MODE


So right now there is no reflect green event. I don’t know if E&P is working on one, but here is an idea.

  • Plant-based event heroes, like Ents (like Horghall’s older brother), druids and dryads
    * Super high HP heroes and indispellable 40% attack debuffs

  • New event mode - Godlike / Deity / Deific (depending on the least offensive)
    * Event reflect-specific 5* ascension item for completion (Green - Potions, Blue - Scopes)
    * Restriction on NO items.
    * Would roll out to each event.

Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!)

C’mon … would love to see this one…



I am sorry. I hate to bump like this, but I think this is an awesome idea.


Most likely, the green-reflect event has been on the back burner in favor of Atlantis and new seasonal events. Once we get back to existing seasonal events (early next year perhaps), I wouldn’t be surprised to see a new green-reflect event.


Fables was awesome (unlike Pirates which are tepid at best). The AR side of me, maybe OCD… we have 4 colors represented. need the 5th. :smiley:


We definitely need the last colour to complete the 5. And i really like the idea of extra high HP and attack debuff. This makes the simple bombing with dragon/bomb/axe/spear in the last stage impossible and, consequently, requires some more strategic thinking.

I also think the “deific” or whatever level is a nice idea. Hard to complete without a really good strategy, good heroes and some luck (or diamonds) but great rewards --> ascension stuff for 5* heroes seems great; maybe also a specific hero that cannot be summoned/trained, that can only be obtained by completing this hellish or godlike mode :smiling_imp: