Event Rollout - Reflect Green & NEW DIFFICULTY MODE


So right now there is no reflect green event. I don’t know if E&P is working on one, but here is an idea.

  • Plant-based event heroes, like Ents (like Horghall’s older brother), druids and dryads
    * Super high HP heroes and indispellable 40% attack debuffs

  • New event mode - Godlike / Deity / Deific (depending on the least offensive)
    * Event reflect-specific 5* ascension item for completion (Green - Potions, Blue - Scopes)
    * Restriction on NO items.
    * Would roll out to each event.

Sooo has anyone counted how many seasonal/event heros we have in each color?
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C’mon … would love to see this one…



I am sorry. I hate to bump like this, but I think this is an awesome idea.


Most likely, the green-reflect event has been on the back burner in favor of Atlantis and new seasonal events. Once we get back to existing seasonal events (early next year perhaps), I wouldn’t be surprised to see a new green-reflect event.


Fables was awesome (unlike Pirates which are tepid at best). The AR side of me, maybe OCD… we have 4 colors represented. need the 5th. :smiley:


We definitely need the last colour to complete the 5. And i really like the idea of extra high HP and attack debuff. This makes the simple bombing with dragon/bomb/axe/spear in the last stage impossible and, consequently, requires some more strategic thinking.

I also think the “deific” or whatever level is a nice idea. Hard to complete without a really good strategy, good heroes and some luck (or diamonds) but great rewards --> ascension stuff for 5* heroes seems great; maybe also a specific hero that cannot be summoned/trained, that can only be obtained by completing this hellish or godlike mode :smiling_imp:


Thoughts, anyone else?


Only complaint i have off the top of my head is i don’t want anymore horghalls. Green has 2 attack debuffers already in horg and zel. Zel is great, horg is meh. So to create more horgs…i wouldnt like it. I don’t know what i would replace them with though. A 5* little john but still a horg relative maybe? Could be a fun discussion. I’m not against the idea of the event though, just the heros involved.


I love the idea as well. I’m sure something like this is on the way. Being a heavy hitter myself, I don’t think it would be fair to have a special hero that only we can access. Skill is one thing, but at a certain point skill can’t compete with players having rosters of 20 and up maxed 5* heroes.


Well that is absolutely fair and valid points. I was just trying to go in the vein of how the heroes are presently modeled. Wouldn’t mind a 5* with a -44% attack debuff or something because 20% is fine, but 44% would be crippling.

But obviously we just need to have the discussion. And SG needs to add reflect green. if only to give us less time seeing pirates. Ugh. they suuuuck.


Well, I’m just thinking that the higher-level players to have the additional challenge will help them stay engaged longer (spend more) after they reached a certain level. Obviously lower level people could play it, but wouldn’t do well unless they really had a jazzy team of 5*.

Plus the allure of a guaranteed ascension item to ascend a 5* to 4T is super motivational.


Still thinkin on the green heros. I do think a blue 5* event hero would fit in this event though, and I’m thinkin a blue minion hero but not sure what the perks would be but every other color has a minion hero now except for blue


Purple Thoth-Amon does minions


Knew i was forgetting someone lol just never see that guy anymore. Delilah came out and thoth went into hiding


Minions… minions… they need to create the minions from minions. :slight_smile:

Xmas heroes, Delilah, Thoth, Redhood, Inari… more on the way I’m sure…


Yea double yellow was a bit overdoing it. I just figured they did the rest of the colors, might as well complete the cycle


I think all colors (yellow x2) are represented except for blue. Give me a hero with some guppies from s2 :slight_smile:


Instead of a silly Avatar…I’d go for that


Oh no… we can’t have a new difficulty mode that is actually DIFFICULT… people with lesser lineups will complain that it’s out of reach or too difficult!!

That said, as a long time vet (first time poster) I think it’s a great idea all-around.