Event rewards nerfed?

Hi Sg,

I don’t think you guys realize how hard it is and how many resources it takes to get to top 100 in the event

The hell are these rewards?

I don’t even compete but I feel bad for those who do

Top 10 and especially top 1 have too many rewards. I bet they dont even need those mats…

Is it really worse?

I thought reward tiers were expanded significantly in Knights in May from what they used to be prior to that.

But I do agree that competing is an awful lot of effort for a really long shot at getting anything worth the effort. (All the crafting ingredients make sense now that I realize how many arrows, axes, bombs, and dragon attacks it takes to be competitive!)

I kinda feel sorry for those that try HARD and don’t make the top 10.

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LOL they didint get expanded at all

Not too sure how to link back to a topic that I created days ago.
So sorry to cut and paste again…

But I totally agree and wish to vote that mid tier prize pay out should be better and at least give more heroes tokens or energy flask which will not disrupt the game balance too much.
Below is my previous posting…


Although I am pretty new to the game (less than 2months of playing), but I been reading up a lot of topics in this forum regarding E&P.

We all know that dev were working very hard recently to make the game more interesting and as balance as possible. From what I saw, they are trying to implement

new events,
adjusting the loots available during raids to make us fight for trophies tier
doing research and removing of overpowered titans
Finding the balancing point for pairing AW
So guys, give them some time to set things right.

Back to my topic, I realized that more and more players are requesting for new features and new ideas and new stuffs to the game to keep it interesting.

So my suggestion is: SG should run events (Pirates, Guardian, Heroes, Fables) every fortnight instead of making it a monthly events.

Come on guys. Be realistic. Which online RPG can constantly be implementing new items, new format to the game every few months? So I sincerely feel that in order to make players feel that the game is interesting and high replay value, we should work on the skeleton and Key of the games.

Shortening the events to every two weeks.

Improve the prize payout.
A few example: Be slightly more generous with the following
More World Energy Flask (Let those actives players find more loots n farmable)

Event Heroes Summon token
Over promised of event heroes is impossible. Giving them Event Heroes summon token and giving them a chance to draw heroes will be nice. Although 70-80% will be common rare draws, but it still make players hopeful and happy right?

More of the 3* unfarmable ascension items especially gloves and compass.
Each element 3* unfarmable ascension such as blade, orb should still be SCARCE. But I hope that the rewards can be slightly better for those that finishes in the mid range. I know it might be tough to implement such a prize but giving them a 3* ascension gift box and it can give them a 3* ascension items of their choice will be cool and interesting. Right?

Having events on a monthly basis will eventually lead to another issue. Heroes appearance rate is WAY TOO LOW. we are currently having 4 different events. So if we follow sequence, each event will only appear every 4 months. Making it 9 days of appearance in a year.
I understand that E&P is a game of patience but for those fans and players that really wish to get more heroes to try out different strategies. A wait for 4 months might make it sound too sad to be true.
Maybe my suggestion and proposal does not sound great to SG, but in simple I think SG should make events more interesting and more rewarding. Do spend tons of efforts to make the tournament that players greatly look upon to participate and “wish to win something out of it”. Then it will comes with high replay abilities that will cease some players concern.

Thanks for reading…

I do like your post and agree with most of it, but you gotta edit it a little bit. A fortnight is 40 days/nights, not 14 days/nights. It would be great for all players if they ran the events every 2 weeks, and would also be great for SG’s income, but I think it’s a matter of server load, event maintenance from staff, etc. that would be the real issue. Just my 2 cents though!! :grinning:

Definately need to make it every 2 weeks. Game is becoming boring and war did not help to rejuvenate interest with how bad the matching is. I also agree with more flasks for those of us that would play all day if we could

I think a fortnight is two weeks…

a period of two weeks.

Wow, so I feel stupid! I guess I should’ve looked it up to make sure before I posted that, huh? :laughing:
Thanks Lesley, and my sincerest apologies, @Dawns!! :wink:

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