Event Rewards and Progression

Hi, i know there are a lot of Threads over the last few Events with mostly raging players that spent money on the game an what not…

What i want to do is give some constructive input and share my perspective as a player that is arround the game for roughly 2 months.

First things first: I spent a few euros here and there about 50 or something… and i also got pretty lucky on some of my summon coins, and normal summons without spending real money.
I bought the VIP package because i find it quite nice.

At the moment i have 3 5* heroes - Arthus, Quintus and delilah, i got 4 4* heroes - Tiburtus, 2x Sonya and Grimm, and also quite a lot fully ascended 3*s to be prepared for events and wars.

But despite being that lucky on my few summons in the short period of time i feel stuck and always when an event pops up i kinda get a bit sad - the rewards are in front of you… you can grab some of them (beginner complete rank ~2500) but… cant go further… (intermediate went until level 10 but then: big huge brick wall)

I honestly didnt even believe to come that far on the intermediate- but yeah… now the reward is so close thus so far… leaves a bit of a bad taste.

But the worst thing to me is - and dont get me wrong - I GET THE FACT THAT RANK 1 (the winner) needs to get better rewards then lower ranks - but it always like the same 100 players in the top 100 - and it will never change if the rewards are not splitted more towards the lower ranks.
The people that most likely allready own 99% of the heroes, get them even more and more often, they get tons of ascention materials they most likely dont even need that desperately as others might.

So… whats my idea to solve that gap between rich and poor (old and new… and so on).

We now since a few weeks have a rank system in PVP - it pretty much represents (in most cases) how good of heroes a player has. The top players with tons of good 5* fully ascended heroes play in the highest leagues… ppl that only have 3* heroes mainly play in silver… and so on.
Why dont use them for those events too?
My suggestion would be like that:

Beginner: Only Bronze to Gold
Intermediate: Bronze to Platinum
Advanced: free for all

(something like that)

It would somewhat increase the chance for “newer players” or “not as lucky” players to get some of the greater rewards. Because as it is now - every event the same few persons get all the rewards and the others get basicly nothing that helps them progress.

thats neither fair, nor motivating and its the only kinda senseable solve for that issue i can come up with.
The other option would be that you can only chose one difficulty to compete in for the event - but this would probably not really solve anything in terms of chances for lower players.

Use the Ranking system for those events - PLEASE

Oh and dont get me wrong - i’m not jealous of Zero and Crew - i bet they invest a lot of ressources to get that high ranks - problem just is they will never be that low on those ressources because of the rewards they earn every time.

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The problem is, this would only enforce the cup dropping culture (good players keeping bad heroes on defence team and losing raids on purpose in order to stay low on cups). I do not like that idea at all.

These things have been suggested, and I’m not against the concept. Problem is that I haven’t seen a proper solution yet. (And haven’t figured one out myself)


i guess to lower that cup dropping culture they have to increase the difference in terms of chest rewards.
I personally for example dont see much of a difference between gold and silver rewards so i dont give a F… which rank i get.

But something has to be done - i dont want to offend zero and 7dd - they are awesome with their guides and stuff - but its just simply annoying that the “steal” all the rewards all the time - thats not healthy for the game

I mean i wouldnt care a bit if the diamond chest rewards for pvp would be 5 star heroes as i dont compete about them like in events - you know what i mean?

Hmmm, I get what you are saying. It’s kind of like Federer, Nadal and Djokovic competing in a junior match ;p. Maybe there should be a system that adds up the teampower of your 10 strongest heros, and that number decides which one (!) level of the event you can compete in. It’s not like ppl will delete their best heros just so they can compete in a lower level. So there won’t be any ‘cupdropping’ in this manner. So Im saying, devide, give one level to compete in, but don’t combine it with the raid system — use teampower of 10 strongest heros. Anyway, just a thought.

I’ve also been playing for about 2,5 months. Spend a bit less… have less 5* same amount of 4*… but I was able to complete beginner/intermediate. Intermediate took some effort (3 tries), but I managed. Non of my heros were maxed (all 4 4* stuck at 3.60).

Events are hard… and honestly I like them that way, or where else is the fun :)? But I do agree that the scoreboard gets a bit old and needs to be evened out. Cheers and good luck if you’re gonna give it another go :).

I understand your point, but when someone clearly outplays everyone he deserves to get the best rewards.

My first event was avalon, i totally sucked and could not even compete at all. Got Merlin on that event sunmon and leveld him up with Grimm, Wu, Lancelot and Rigard (first hero i summoned)

Then with the pirates event i had a difficult time finishing, but got intermediate and advanced. Advanced was very very tough

Now this event i finally had Wu and Grimm maxed, Merlin and Rigard halfway through the 4th tier, lance and Melendor on 3rd tier
And got through both levels, itermediate and advanced without much problem.

It is fun when it is difficult to finish the stages
Once u get through with ease the game changes.
Enjoy ur ascention items u will do better next event
Maybe i can start fighting for the top spot next months! It is all about leveling up and getting the diamonds on the board. Good gaming!


You guys understand that zero has the same 3* as you right?
He wins because he is better/willing to spend the time.


Yes… With infinite tries, infinite battle items, and all 3* maxed heroes to choose from. Thats quite an advantage imo. What is there against the idea of cutting up the event and putting pro players in a different poule than the newbies?

Events are for competing tough matches, it is a competition after all. Begginners dont have much place in events, i tried it once as a beginner and could not pass 1st stage of beginner level.
The only thing that could ‘change’ in my opinion is instead of calling it ‘beginner’ ‘intermediate’ ‘advanced’ change it to 3*, 4*, and 5 * tournaments.
I say that because months ago as a beginner i though i could compete but couldn’t at all.
Just for the new players not to get confused, but anyways, if they play it costs 2 flags only and they will see how tough it is and how they must level a team first and then compete.


Thats true… If it were the case that everyone got all maxed out 3* heroes to choose from, troops, and all battle items and same amount of tries. If then still the same ppl would end up on top (which i highly doubt), yes, then its awesome skill and strategy. Then you can rightfully say that all ppl get outplayed. Now its just Manchester United competing in the local amateur club. Anyway, thats my thought on the current match system. Im still enjoying finishing/competing the different stages, but i think its a flawed design :slight_smile:

I like to play Beginner because I don’t like stressful competition. That’s just me. (And I never make the top 100, so I’m not “stealing” anyone’s prize. :grin: )

I understand your desire to change this current outcome, but I don’t think it will work as stated because of cup-dropping… and I don’t think cup-dropping will go away, either with encouragement (read: forced by SG), or without.

Perhaps we can keep brainstorming the solution… :slight_smile:

The events are not for beginners, despite the unfortunate naming of the 3* challenge. Events are for late game players who otherwise lack quotidian challenges.

Beginners have plenty to do already: collect heroes, level them, learn their specials, post endless complaints on the forum.


The thing to remember is if a person concentrated their efforts only only building up a great three star team and building the right three star items there is no reason they couldn’t compete in the beginner tier. The reason zero and those guys clean up is they have put the time in to building up hero’s and items at that strength. Another thing is the strongest team doesn’t guarantee the highest finish i know of a person you finished top 50 in advanced with only a four star team. I’ve never broken to top 100 mark personally but i’m aware that it’s due to how i’m choosing to build up my heroes and items.

@brobb Thats a very good point :).

I guess some people got me wrong - i’m far from complaining about the event in generall and as i said i finished the beginner on a higher rank that i imagined-
But the statement “He uses the same 3* heroes than everyone” is kinda mindless in my opinion.
Like a few here allready said - those players have alot more 3* heroes to choose from, and i guess they have a different team for each level perfectly suited to what color the boss is for example - others just have to stick with what they have - in my case it was: Hawkmoon, Jahangir, Berden, renfeld and Tyrum.
Speccially the Red Heroes i have are far from ideal for the challenge - but like i said… i completed it and i’m happy with it.

The point that i referred to is the fact that the people who get the first places all the time for sure have all the heroes and ascention materials and get fed even more (to not say a redicolous amoutn) of them.
the main points where the weighting of the Rewards should be a bit different and some kind of restriction so that players can actually compete in such events with fair competition - thats just not there at the moment.

The thing about it is just that allready ppl feel stuck because of the lack of ascention materials, then they see the prices, see the players that always win them and know that those players allready have everything… dunno, just feels bad and i’m sure it will get better the more heroes you have to chose from but its still quite sad like in real life that the rich just get richer.

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Only because people brought up Zero I want to submit a couple observations. The term fully levelled 3 stars should just be an assumption. It takes a couple days to fully level a 3 star. Anyone with a training camp 13 can have a multitude of fully levelled 3’s to choose from in a short time.

As for troops If you check out Zero’s roster he’s using unleveled troops, maybe minus one that has some levels on it, also doable to everyone.

Last, I’ve watched him play a challenge event level. I’m a pretty competent player but I was dumbfounded watching how quick and efficient he was. My little brain wasn’t even processing how quickly decisions were being made and suddenly the match was over in a cacophony of specials and tiles. The dude’s just on a different level. I just thank god he’s cool as heck because imagine someone that good who was also a smug gloating bastard. :smile:

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Put yourself in the position of someone that’s been playing for a year or so. Your hovering around level 50. The map was completed a long time ago, you’re sitting on three maybe four TC20’s, and all your other buildings have been built to max, Titan levels are maxed out for you and your alliance and there’s not much motivation to continue playing anymore. So you look forward to these challenge events every month and you strive to perfect your gameplay here because what else are you gonna do? I’ve got no problem with it because in a few months that will be me.

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we all pretty much said that we get the point of rank 1 should get the best rewards because he deserves it - thats nothing to argue with … what i meant is that if the rewards got a bit streched out with more usefull stuff even at lower levels people could start to catch up a bit earlier while getting ascention materials is not really easy…

I ended up finishing advanced by using 2x Respawn (175 diamonds) just because its “kinda” worth it (troop token + orb of magic + compass - got me to being able to ascend delilah as soon as i get to that level.

Maybe its just a matter of “please more things like shrikewood”… i’m really hyped about those quests but they are far too rare^^

Hua hua hua, cant stop laugh read this comment. 100% agree