Event reward increase:

Our game his grown vastly since the first event. Competition is more fierce then ever. I’ve read in numerous places of players having a defeated sense of perseption pertaining to the events. That perspective has also grown more frequently.

I believe the underlying issue is the rewards haven’t kept pace with the population increase. While one can argue less can be more, I suggest that rewards for future events are more palletable and obtainable for more players.

This would generate more optimism and hope instead of the opposite that is occurring.

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I almost broke top 1000 in advanced and intermediate…never looked at the rewards other than completion.

But looked at how much it took to get to that point…and seeing the rewards for that effort once it was over…oooooof…
But that being said…I have lvl 7-9 troops most 3 star…and no fully ascended heros…
So i get why it took so much.
I do think that the top 50 should get a 5x hero and good ascension items…because that’s crazy hard to get that low.


Totally agree on that.
As the in-game population grow, same thing must do the players that gets rewarded.

We already have the completation reward, i know it, but it can’t be a top 100 whatever the numbers of players are involved.


As I believe someone has already suggested, I think the leaderboard should be in percentages, not a set number.


What Zebra (and many others) have said - just needs to scale for all the increased participation.


I hope the it works out for all us game players. Wish they bless us with more diamonds. It would help out alot. :slight_smile:

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The event rewards are becoming worthless. Most people do the events looking for ascention items like myself and got nothing that I needed.

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? Between the advanced and intermediate completion, Pirates gave out 5 non-farmable items: compass, gloves, Orb, trap tools, and either warm cape or hidden blade, I forget.

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Pretty sure there was no cape, not for completion at least. I’m only 50/50 on recollection of magic orb, but the others for sure. Was a nice haul, tbh.

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Pirates this time gave trap tools and a compass for completing intermediate, and an orb, hidden blade, and gloves for advanced completion. I can’t guarantee it was the same both previous times, but I kept screenshots of the completion bonuses this month.

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Twenty characters

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That sounds about right…i need trap and orbs and got em this go around.

Last event I found the rewards to be pretty lack luster.

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And everyone who says the game should adjust to the population…I agree.

I’m not someon who wants something for nothin. But to crack lvl 1000 took playing daily for 110 days. And every resource saved and built since the last event.
buying stuff to get heroes
And an amount of time beyond just a poop game.

For just 1 person out of a player base of 400k to get the real prize…which consists of stuff they probably don’t even need…since they are set up enough already to continually dominate 99.9999999999% of the populaiton consistently

I think giving the top 50 ot 100 or even 1000 a shot at something worth working for would be cool.

To crack the top 1000 you need like 75k score in each stage…that’s not a simple task

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The basic Avalon completion rewards were, to be polite, sub-par. Pirates and Teltoc completion rewards are not nearly as parsimonious.

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I found the gap in reward tiers to be a little out of whack between difficulties.

I don’t remember the exact ranks but it was something like only 50 people in Advanced could get the tier with a troop token, where as 450 could get that reward tier in the intermediate. Just seemed strange to have less people being rewarded a similar reward tier (token) for competing in the harder devision.


You obviously scored higher than me. I did all 3 levels and got 1 golden compass and nothing else other than craft or training materials.

If that’s all you got from completing all three levels of a monthly event, Pirates, Teltoc, or Avalon, then that’s a bug which should be reported. Even Avalon was supposed to give better rewards for completing all levels than that - a shield for simply finishing advanced.

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